Some of the Horrendous, Heinous, Horrible BUT HIDDEN US War Crimes during the Korean War (1950-53)




dropping bombs during the Korean War …

Korean War. Part II

their bombs, during the Korean War

Korean War Letters: Aircraft Used During …

… 1953, almost entirely destroyed by U.S. bombing during the Korean War


The US imperialists committed thrice-cursed genocide, destruction and pillage during the Korean war.

The ravages they imposed upon the Korean people are the most barbarous and inhuman A-class war crimes unprecedented in the world history of wars.

What is most serious is that they committed the shuddering massacre of civilians in wanton violation of international law on protection of civilians in time of war.

More than 1 231 540 peaceful inhabitants were brutally killed in the northern half of Korea during the three-year-long war.

During their temporary occupation of Sinchon County, the US imperialist aggressors killed innocent people who account for a quarter of its population.

During the whole period of the war over 401 940 were indiscriminately killed in Hwanghae Province, over 162 180 in South Phyongan Province, over 116 220 in North Phyongan Province, over 115 300 in South Hamgyong Province, over 82 020 in North Hamgyong Province, over 129 390 in Kangwon Province, and over 64 240 in Jagang Province, and over 157 840 in Pyongyang.



Another thrice-cursed crime committed by the US imperialists is that they waged the large-scale germ warfare and made a massive use of chemical weapons, weapons of mass destruction, that are strictly banned by international law.

They craftily spread infectious germs when they were being routed out of the areas in the northern half of Korea they had occupied temporarily:

From late January to late March of 1952 they dropped germ bombs in over 400 places more than 700 times, thus spreading dreadful malignant and acute epidemic viruses including pest and cholera.

From February 1951 to July 1953 they used a large number of chemical weapons in 24 cities, counties and frontline areas, including Kangwon, Hwanghae and South Phyongan provinces. 2

They went the length of air-dropping foodstuffs applied with poisonous agents and smuggling spies with poisonous substances in a bid to contaminate reservoirs.

They even employed experts of the defeated Japanese army to wage these ill-famed germ warfare and chemical warfare, thus claiming more than 50 000 people in the northern half of Korea.

The US imperialists, in utter disregard of the international convention on the treatment of POWs, killed at random the POWs, not content with maltreating them, and even used them as guinea pigs.

During their temporary occupation of the northern half of Korea and their flight from there, they kidnapped and forcibly took away a great number of people by means of threat, blackmail, appeasement and deception, flying in the face of the international law of war which prohibit the forcible transfer of civilians.

They abducted and took away many inhabitants in areas of their occupation in an attempt to use them as hostages for an exchange of POWs and as labour force for the construction of military establishments and to reduce women into their sexual playthings.

During their debacle they spread false rumours of all hues and took a large number of inhabitants to south Korea by threatening them that “they would use A-bombs,” with the result that numerous Koreans are still now living separately in the north and the south.

The destruction and plunder committed by the US imperialists in the northern half of Korea spawned unprecedented disasters which surpassed by far those committed during a world war in the light of their scope and savage nature.



In blatant violation of international laws and regulations banning attack or bombardment on peaceful cities, villages, dwelling houses and buildings by any means, they betrayed their brutal nature by indiscriminately bombing and shelling the northern half of Korea from the first day of the Korean war, thus laying waste to its cities and villages.

The US imperialists dropped 564 436 tons of bombs, 32 356 tons of napalm bombs, 587 189 rocket shells and 55 797 smoke shells.

In addition, 50 941 industrial establishments, 28 632 schools at all levels, 4 534 public health buildings including hospitals and clinics, 579 scientific research institutions, 8 163 printing and cultural institutions and 2 077 226 dwelling houses were severely destroyed and 7 491 buildings used for religious services disappeared.

After all, the war severely damaged 2 416 407 buildings.

Railways extending 4 879 km, roads extending 4 009 km and bridges totalling 1 109 km and 1 489 locomotives, 4 803 trucks and 6 281 fishing boats and ships were destroyed, and 1 715 reservoirs and relevant facilities were blown up or destroyed, 3 causing tremendous human, material and environmental damage.

563 755 hectares of arable land were devastated and 155 500 hectares of paddy and non-paddy fields lost, and millions of domestic animals, including 369 101 heads of cattle and 764 604 pigs, were slaughtered or looted.

Valuable national cultural heritages were ruthlessly vandalized or looted: 40 755 640 volumes of ancient and old books, documents and data including ancient books listed as national treasures were burnt or plundered.

This proves that the Korean war started by the US imperialists was the most barbarous and destructive war ever fought in the world history of wars.

That is why even the members of an investigation group of the Women’s International Democratic Federation who visited the DPRK during the war shuddered to see the  disastrous scenes of destructive atrocities committed by the US imperialists.

The US can by no means evade its responsibility for its criminal atrocities it perpetrated during the Korean war and should clearly bear in mind that it should be surely brought under the international laws and reprehension.


DPRK’s United Nations Mission in New York

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