Shame to Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee

The Nobel Peace Prize award:who is fooling who?

Going by the action of the Norwegian Nobel peace prize committee, it is clear that another attempt is being cooked to paint China as a monster just like the US and her friends had done for decades. Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to a person who violates constituted authority is tantamount to telling other citizens that it is a good thing to commit treasonable acts against the state. Subversion in America is punishable by law. There is no State, including that same Norway where subversion to state power is not punished. But since it is China, the West has rallied under the cover of a Nobel peace prize to distract the world from China’s growing influence in the world.

Three conspiracy theories against China can better explain this very shameful act committed by the Nobel committee in Norway.

The first is that the sin committed by the Norwegian Nobel Prize committee is aimed at distracting China from its focus – better life for its citizens, and economic growth. China’s recent massive economic growth and growing influence in the international scene to say the least, does not make the West happy. In fact, the West is shaking and quaking in fear of what the future holds for China. Therefore, if China is not distracted from its goals, the West sees an Asian giant that will win the admiration from the rest of the world. China’s presence at the European Union, WTO, UN, and Africa as well as in other spheres of influence in the world scares the West. The only means to “diminish” China’s influence and future role as the major decision maker is to try to get China entangled in petty issues like that which has just been schemed up by the Nobel Peace prize committee in Norway. Unfortunately however for Norway, the US and their friends, China is a mature nation and knows where it is going. China of course is well aware of the antics of the West and knows too well how to thread its path towards a peaceful rise in the world’s scene.

In the meantime, it is worthy to note that in the past, several attempts to distract China from its focus have been initiated by the US and her Western allies. The most recent acts came in 2009 and early this year when the United States knowing too well that Dalai Lama was guilty of secessionists tendencies (actions which not even the United States or her allies will tolerate) granted audience to Lama at the White House. China voiced its indignation as a nation against the White house audience to Dalai Lama, but the White house gave a deaf ear and went ahead receiving Lama in the White House. Then early this year came the arms sale to Taiwan by the United States – even though America knew very well that Taiwan is a part and parcel of China. Today, it is the award of a Nobel peace prize to an individual who is guilty for inciting subversion to constituted state power.

Evidently, therefore, the US and her friends are using lawlessness in an attempt to distract China from its social economic and political growth.

The second theory is this: since the demonization of China through the use of western media like CNN and BBC among others, has failed, the West are cropping up a new strategy to isolate China from its major economic partners including major member states of the European Union and Africa. It should be pointed out that US President Barack Obama made the intension of the US known to the rest of the world with regards to US interests. During a meeting in late September 2010 between US president Obama and Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, Obama increased pressure on China to immediately revalue its currency. Devoting most of the two-hour meeting to the currency issue, Obama said “if the Chinese don’t take actions, we have other means of protecting US interests.”

It is as such clear here that the US is definitely using other means to protect US interests; and the Nobel Peace Prize award to a Chinese lawless citizen could just be that other means. One clarification to be made here is that the Nobel Peace Prize Committee is in Norway and not in the United States, but this does not rule out the fact that American politicians do not have a hand in the manner in which the committee is run. America is all over the globe. It is equally surprising and misleading that the Nobel Peace Prize committee singles out an individual guilty of subversion in China at this time when the whole world gazes in utter disbelief and admiration at the development strides made by China in attaining self sufficiency, political stability and economic growth, on grounds that this individual is a human rights crusader. Why did they not give this award to Nelson Mandela while he was in prison for over 27 years for daring to challenge the monster-white-dominated apartheid regime in South Africa? It will not be wrong to guess that had Mandela not been President of South Africa, he would not have been considered for the Nobel Prize. But for the case of China, no, Norway and her allies could not wait, but to award the prize to a person who is serving a prison term for crimes he committed against the state.

The third theory is that the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee is gradually building strategies aimed at destabilizing countries and regimes which its key friends like the US and other Western allies are not very comfortable with. Take a look at the list of those lawless individuals who have been awarded the prize. You will find countries like Iran, Burma, China and others that have traditionally been at logger-heads with the US and the West.

Gradually therefore, the Nobel Peace Prize is not only becoming a “blasphemy” honor, but one which is now being used to fight “enemy” regimes by the US and her friends. Norway should watch out because it may just be threading on a time bomb as it is the host of the Nobel Peace prize committee.

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