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Mykolaiv's Central Synagoguei

Mykolaiv’s Central Synagoguei Truly Massive Damage in Mykolaiv’s Central Synagogue


The world’s largest theater play has over 50 million actors and is taking place on several stages in parallel. Most actors ignore that they are playing. The Guinness book of Records is ignoring the opportunity to catapult forward its trade.

The current play surpasses everything produced until now by the Lords of War. Even the Elders of PSYWAR do not remember such a magnificent production.

On April 26, 2014, Hebrew newspaper Yediot Ahronot published an article entitled “Ukraine: Central Synagogue Lighted.” The web version included a video of the event, which is reproduced below.

Ukrainian Hollywood

The video shows the same sequence twice from two different angles. The entire attack lasts about one and half minute, in which two Molotov cocktails are thrown towards an unseen building.

Try to think like the perpetrator. You assume that there are cameras. You know that there is police. It must be a hit-and-run-fast event.

Yet, the attacker wasted a lot of time. The bottles were thrown at the last moment. Was he making sure to be caught by the cameras? The footage is not good enough to allow prosecution.

Police did not arrive. He does not look worried about the possibility. Why? Probably a peripheral security unit was nearby ready to warn and rescue in the case the Ukrainians arrived.

Synagogues burn easily. Plenty of paper, scrolls, and clothes provide good fuel. The pictures published next day show only minor damage to the lock of a door and some charcoal marks escaping through a window.

Dyslexia and Asthma

In Hebrew schools and universities dyslexia and asthma are very popular. They are easy to fake and allow unfair advantages during tests.

The first time I met that was in the army and shocked me deeply. A fellow officer cadet had been randomly chosen to an unpleasant task. He was standing near me. I was still thanking for the “death-number” having spared me, when he told me:

“Look at me. I won’t do it.” He knew that I was innocent enough to fulfill the role he had given me.

Incredibly, a person that I knew was healthy was suddenly having an asthma attack. His face was red, he had obvious troubles breathing. Without thinking twice, another cadet and I lifted the dead weight and took him running to the nursery. Would he die?

Just before dropping him on a bed, we were all breathing hard. The dying clown winked at me, silently smiling with his treacherous eyes. His shoes hit hard the bed frame’s iron.

The choice made today by the abovementioned newspaper was not a result of dyslexia. Mistake or not, it showed the side taken by the writer.

The article reported the event in Nikolayev, the Russian name of Mykolaiv. Instead of using the Ukrainian name, the reporter used the name chosen by the Russian minority living in the city.

Black Sea’s Hollywood

Israel supports Russia in the current events in Ukraine.* Netanyahu’s Likud party main ideologue said that openly. Israel said to the USA formally that it will not take part in the conflict due to its strategic relations with Russia and the latter’s involvement with Iran and Syria.

On March 7, Israeli Ambassador in Kiev, Reuven Din-El announced that he has opened a formal line of communications with members of the ultra-nationalistic Svoboda Party which considers Russians and Jews the enemy. He had reached an agreement with Dmitry Yarosh, leader of the Right Sector paramilitary group (See Official: Israel Supports both Sides in Ukraine).

Following the event, it was disclosed that unofficial talks took place since March 2013.

The Ambassador’s words were no less worrying “We have a lot of common positions on ideological issues, but there are big differences. For example, I do not understand racist elements and I do not adopt them.”

The reason for the odd meetings is clearer now. By creating a line of contact, Israel created a line of Influence. The party and its paramilitary apparatus will be soon blamed on the event, providing a propagandistic win to both Russia and Israel.

The location of the event is crucial. The city is a large ship building center placed between the Crimea and the city of Odessa.

Already in February, before the annexation of the Crimea by Russia, Hebrew media showed a split map of Ukraine, with the southern and eastern areas marked as Russian. After the Crimea, Mykolaiv is the next logical step in the process. It may be annexed or declared independent as the city of Donetsk did.

The heat will be diverted away from Russia if inner violence collapses the local government.

“Alo, Bibi? Papa Putin is speaking; can you give me a hand in Nikolayev?”

Anti-Semites Destabilize Russian Nikolayev

The first stage of the Anti-Semitic PSYWAR attack on Ukraine failed after Pinchas Vishedski, rabbi of Kiev, bravely denounced it as a fake. “I think it’s someone trying to use the Jewish community in Donetsk as an instrument in this conflict. That’s why we’re upset,” he said, adding “The rise of nationalism in this country is of course not comfortable for us.”

He stated that the pamphlet is fake and aimed to discredit pro-Russian protesters or Jewish community. Considering the high profile that the USA gave to the event, it is not difficult to conclude that it was a CIA false flag event (see Anti-Semitic PSYWAR Hits Ukraine). Soon afterwards, Netanyahu gave a hand.

The choice of the picture opening this article was not random. Russia is presenting the events in Ukraine as a renewed fascist attack of the West; they have a solid reason for that, after all the war started after the EU replaced the legal government of Ukraine with a non-elected puppet one. After awakening the anti-Semite demon, Russia and Israel are mimicking the WWII European Theater.

There was no damage to the synagogue, the newspaper reports, because of a passerby that arrived on time, extinguished the fire and called the police. What a lucky coincidence! Probably he was also a team of the abovementioned peripheral security. Mossad saved a salary in such a way.

There is no best testimony of this operation than the words quoted by the belligerent newspaper:

“People are scared, with true terror in their eyes. The elders said that this is how the Holocaust started, and expressed fear that we are walking towards a new Holocaust.”

Eternal Hero of the Masses, Red Russia, will soon sacrifice its best sons to save Ukrainian Jews from annihilation under the savage hands of the grotesque fascists. Yes, yes, been there, seen that.


Mr. Tov Roy, an Israeli exile in Bolivia, is one of the frequent contributors for The 4th Media News.


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