Qatar´s Prince Hamad Visits Hamas´s Hanniya in Gaza.

Early Tuesday morning the Prince of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa and his wife Mouza Bin Nasser arrived in Gaza, visiting Hamas´s Prime Minister Ismael Hanniya.

The visit is the first visit of a senior Arab official to Gaza since 2006 when Israel imposed an illegal siege.

Prince Hamad bin Khalifa and Qatari delegates met both with Hamas´s Prime Minister Ismail Hanniya and with representatives of other predominantly Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas associated or allied fractions and organizations, neglecting representatives of the largest Palestinian party, Fatah, and other progressive fractions.

The details of the diplomatic protocol strongly suggest that the visit is one further step toward the implementation of a comprehensive, joint Hamas, Qatari, Egyptian and Israeli  plan for Palestine and the Middle East, which includes the establishment of a Muslim Brotherhood – Hamas led Palestinian State in Gaza while the greater part of the Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem will be permanently annexed by Israel.

The details of the plan have been described in the article Israel´s final Solution for Palestine and Greater Israel (1) and other articles by the author.

In early August 2012 Hamas declared Gaza a Liberated Zone even though the enclave is still under a comprehensive Israeli blockade. Israel still occupies 85 % of the borderline, including the coastal areas which are allocated for fishing, plus 35 % of Gaza´s agricultural area.

Furthermore, Gaza is still under regular attack by Israel from the air, sea and land. Gaza can not freely import or export goods, and citizens of Gaza are subject to severe travel restrictions imposed by Israel, and partially administrated by Egypt´s Mursi-led government.

Progressive Palestinian fractions, including Fatah, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, PFLP, and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, DFLP, have criticized Hamas for its unilateral step, calling it a step towards the division of Palestine. (2)

Based on the meeting schedule of Qatar´s Prince Hamad in Gaza, the most likely purpose of the visit is the negotiation or ratification of economical plans related to the establishment of the planned Hamas Caliphate.


Dr. Christof Lehmann – nsnbc


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