South Korea’s Daughter Dictator Adopts HER Father’s Political Terror Campaign

The following letter of plea in support of Korean people’s just struggle for truth, justice and democracy is fully endorsed by The 4th Media. The 4th Media also joins wonderful friends around the world who’ve voluntarily initiated and worked hard to form the “Alliance of Conscientious People of the World.” In order to make this just effort further globally recognized and practically effective, first of all, The 4th Media, together with its global partners such as Global Research in Canada, nsnbc international in Denmark/Germany, ANSWER Coalition in Washington, DC, and so on, intends to help our Korean brothers and sisters who’ve launched their hard and lonely struggle to fight against the “US-installed ultra-right wing and anti-North regime.”

Germany Joins Efforts to Frame Syria on Non-compliance to JUSTIFY US Invasion

The German government of Chancellor Angela Merkel and the German opposition have joined the U.K., in what analysts assess as a concerted international effort to frame Syria on the grounds of non-compliance with Syria´s voluntary decision to put its chemical weapons under international control and to provide a full inventory of its chemical weapons and related stockpiles of chemicals as well as facilities. The effort began in the U.K., shortly after the U.K. Parliament voted against participation in U.S.-led military strikes against Syria without approval from the UN Security Council and in violation of international law and riled out a second vote on the issue.

Western-Backed “Freedom Fighters” Executed Syrian Children

Western and Gulf-Arab backed “Freedom Fighters” of the al-Qaeda linked “The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham” publicly executed two children who were not older than 13 years-old, in Aleppo. Syria´s Prime Minister al-Halqi describes the attempted…