South Korea’s Daughter Dictator Adopts HER Father’s Political Terror Campaign

Neo-McCarthyism in South Korea

The following letter of plea in support of Korean people’s just struggle for truth, justice and democracy is fully endorsed by The 4th Media. The 4th Media also joins wonderful friends around the world who’ve voluntarily initiated and worked hard to form the “Alliance of Conscientious People of the World.”

In order to make this just effort further globally recognized and practically effective, first of all, The 4th Media, together with its global partners such as Global Research in Canada, nsnbc international in Denmark/Germany, ANSWER Coalition in Washington, DC, and so on, intends to help our Korean brothers and sisters who’ve launched their hard and lonely struggle to fight against the “US-installed ultra-right wing and anti-North regime.”

The “daughter dictator Park” has already viciously imposed “her father’s political terror campaign” against her own people, as her father did, particularly targeting progressive-minded peoples and politicians, specifically the “Unified Progressive Party” in a form of “neo-McCarthyism” in South Korea.



For the sake of historical record, the first and the worst military dictator “the father Park” during more than a half century long history of division in south was in fact one of the most distinguished Japanese military officers in the latter part of the Japanese vicious colonial rule from late 19th century to August 1945.

Unlike millions of his “colonized” compatriots, the father Park as a Korean voluntarily became one of the most faithful Japanese’ “attack dogs” against his own horribly suffering people. As a Japanese military interrogator, he tortured and murdered his own fellowmen and women who fought for national independence and liberation. 

The daughter dictator Park has already proven she isn’t much less than her father’s shameful and traitorous legacy in terms of her father’s political cunningness, viciousness, and, most above all, being the “national traitor.”

Only difference between them is the daughter this time serves the USA, unlike her father who served then the colonial Japanese power.

In fact her method of political terror campaign is beyond imagination. Her skills and tactics in media control, media deception, and political oppression seemed to have already gone beyond that of her father’s.



However, tens of thousands of Koreans from all walks of life, including overseas Koreans all around the world, are determined to fight all the way through until they could bring down the “illegally-elected president” through “a series of unbelievable ways of election frauds” in the 2012 presidential election last December.

In order to carry out their just struggle effectively and successfully, both nationally and internationally, our friends in South Korea call for an urgent help from us around the globe.

They plan to run several media campaigns in Seoul by collecting names of both individuals and organizations who’re willing to lend their moral and political support for Koreans’ just struggle who’ve been endlessly fighting for their truly democratic society and thereby for them to further their cause, so that they could eventually bring about their “long-awaited peacefully self-determined reunification” of their divided homeland in near future.



If you wish to support this noble cause, you could directly send your (both individual and organizational) names and addresses and other contact information to the following email address ( in Seoul, Korea.

The 4th Media will continue to stay in touch with our global viewers and supporters in this regard.


Thank you very much for your genuine support in advance!


Prof. Kiyul Chung

Editor in Chief

The 4th Media





ALERT: Neo-McCarthyism in South Korea! A Letter of Plea to the Conscientious People of the World

A Letter of Plea to the Conscientious People of the World: In Pursuit of Truth, Justice and Democracy in the Republic of Korea (South Korea)


ALERT: Neo-McCarthyism in South Korea!

Do you know what’s happening in South Korea?

Do you know how and who became the president of South Korea in 2012?

I urge you to read this letter of plea and distribute it widely to your friends and network members.

Democracy is steadfastly dying in South Korea!

Very similar to the Watergate in the USA, the Korean National Intelligence Services (NIS, aka. KCIA) illegally, meddled and intervened, in the 2012 presidential election.

As an egregious outcome, a brutal and ruthless dictator Park Chung-hee’s daughter, Park Geun-hye ‘took’ the office.

Another unfortunate outcome of the rigged and ‘stolen’ election led to the Korean Neo-McCarthyism. Members of the opposition party and anyone who do not share the views and the politics of the ruling party are deemed “Reds” or “Pro-North Korea”!

Consequently, scholars, politicians and even the ordinary citizens who express diverse views or differing opinions are framed, made scapegoats and severely persecuted.

The Civil Rights in South Korea are virtually non-existent! The Yoo-shin (the repressive and autocratic set of ‘laws’ written into the constitution enforced during Park Chung-hee’s Military Dictatorship (1960-1979) is back and fully reactivated!

What is the Korean National Intelligence Services? (aka: “KCIA”)

During the dictatorial regime of Park Chung-hee (1960-1979), the NIS was conceived in order to surveillance, capture and prosecute his political dissidents. Those non-conformists were labeled Communists or pro-North Korea activists,’ and they were brutally tortured and killed by the NIS.



Background Information on the Presidential Election 2012:

Covert and illegal activities were being actively conducted by the ruling Saenuri Party prior to the Presidential Election 2012. The National Intelligence Services (NIS) was illegally and brazenly breaking the constitutional and the election laws of South Korea.

Undercover agents created hundred and thousands of user names on the internet and posted favorable comments on the ruling party presidential candidate, Park Geun-hye, and posted fabricated damaging comments about the opposition candidates, including Jae-in Moon.

The fabricated internet comments defamed and ruined the other candidates’ reputations and character. The NIS not only used their agents, hired at the expense of the taxpayers, but it brazenly (bribed) paid the North Korean defectors and the South Korean citizens to carry on this smearing campaign against the opposition candidates.

The NIS went even further to destroy vital and critical documents and evidence that proved the illegal intervention by the NIS.

In the aftermath of this scandalous intervention by the NIS in the Presidential Election 2012, the constitutional legal scholars have declared this intervention, an electoral Coup d’etat’!

To demand the absolute legal and civil accountability from the Park Regime, thousands upon thousands of citizens have taken themselves to the streets, holding continuous and concurrent candlelight vigils.

Unfortunately, though, most South Korean mass media are willingly blind-sided: They have opted out only to report the views of the ruling Saenuri Party. The ultra right-wing and conservative groups are condemning the mass candlelight vigils as an electoral disobedience.

To make the matters worse, the Park government is trying to elude the legitimacy of this political crisis by re-launching the Neo-McCarthyism, launched and enforced by her late father, Park Chung-hee.

Furthermore, the Park regime has embarked upon a witch-hunt on the Lawmaker, Seok-ki Lee, of the Unified Progressive Party. The freedom of expression and ideology, the legal and civil principles of presumption of innocence till proven guilty; trial by due process by impartial jury and the protection of suspects are being mercilessly demolished.

If you feel and understand the current situations in South Korea to be unfair, undemocratic and impairing of the basic civil rights, please go to ( ) to sign and forward this message to as many people as possible via emails and SNS.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could make an effort to draw public attention to this political crisis in South Korea through submission to journals, hold conferences in collaboration and in solidarity with other civil rights activists.


September, 2013


Alliance of Conscientious People of the World



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