Photos from Japanese War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity Against China: But They Still Deny It!

Japanese Ambassador bet that this email will not reach more than four million people within two weeks.

Otherwise, he would apologize to Chinese.

After reading this email, please forward it to all your friends & relatives if your conscience demands it.


Photos from Numerous Massacres, Slaugthers by Japanese Imperial Army



 bayoneting of 3 year old baby






Carving out the leg muscles of a Chinese soldier




Falling off of a beheaded head. Numerous such shots had to be taken to obtain this picture






Chinese mother still clutching on her baby after her head was chopped off by Japanese soldier.






The notorious poisonous gas experiment





What crime had the children committed?!




What else could I say? They were all innocent children!





Only Japanese soldiers could wash down the heart of a martyr with sake




Scalding with acid. Torture? Experiment?





This was only a baby of three!





Chinese woman mutilated after raped. (intestine pulled out)




Young girl tied up & raped.





Another female martyr





Even pregnant women were round off for army prostitutes





I am also a human being!!





So proud of his work!





I cannot understand why young Chinese girls still crazy for Japanese actors nowadays!




The proud accomplishment of the Japanese soldier!





They never realized they were to be used as life targets!

Practicing on life Chinese civilians as targets!




This was Japanese Bushido!






For movie scenes—use real Chinese corpses



Real Chinese tragedy of the 20th century





Her last wish was not to be a Chinese in her next life





What are you thinking, soldier?





Only the head of a Chinese officer could exchange for money





Don’t cry. This is only bayonet practice!





Head show 1





Head show 2—how I hate to be Chinese!





Even a cut off head could smoke?!





Bodies of Chinese civilians piled along the Yangtze River River





Japanese soldiers enjoyed watching kill, burn, pillage & rape





Executing these war criminals 10,000 times would not atone for their sins. In fact many Japanese nowadays still honour them as their national heroes. Until they acknowledge the war crimes of these criminals as the Germans did, the gulf between Japan & China can never be bridged!





Head show 3






After reading this email, please forward it to all your friends & relatives if you conscience demands it.



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0 Replies to “Photos from Japanese War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity Against China: But They Still Deny It!”

  1. And the blacks thought they had it bad……..this is a cruel world .
    My grandfathers were both in the navy and have horrible stories .

  2. What an ignorant comment to make. “And the blacks that they had it bad”?? Just because one race or culture has gone through a horrific event does not diminish the horrific event of a Nother race or culture. There’s been tragedy throughout the world and throughout history but there’s no reason to insult another race or culture. Think before you post and spread hate and ignorance!!

  3. I agree with Nico,What a statement to utter in the 21st century. Maybe we’re just a little more tolerant in the UK but no right minded person would try to denigrate one races struggle against oppression whilst using another’s barbarity as a comparison. That aside, you really have to ask what the hell are the Japanese(and I don’t just mean their politicians)thinking? I fully understand that these atrocities occurred over 75 years ago and in no way should the subsequent younger generations bear any form of inherited guilt BUT collectively as a sovereign ‘civilised’ nation in the 21st century isn’t it time to acknowledge these heinous utterly barbaric crimes that were committed in their and their Emperor’s names? For Japan to continue disputing and in many cases denying that these atrocities even occurred let alone apologising for them is utterly utterly SHAMEFUL!

  4. It has broken my heart to look at these pics taken in each marters life in their time of torment and slaughters. A baby hanging on a sword stick in the air. A mothers cry from her deepest sadness of her soul crying for her tiny babies head cut off and still she holds whats left of it to cradle it. I ASK MYSELF, why would people still worship Satan instead of the one true God in Heaven the creator of everything exsists. While my heart hurts so deeply for these people who were tortured and for their loss of loved ones, the biggest part is the fact there are people who let the demonic forces of hell guide them into to all this. Not only the Jews suffered while tormented by these demonic soliders but these people to where attacked and slaughtered. I wonder if any of these soldiers repented of All these things done to thse people. If not the Lord says that “revengeance is his sayth the Lord”. No man would be more delighted to give a far worse vengence to these demons. We must pray for the American people as well. We will probably someday be tortured just as hard and cruel, just because we are human the image of God. SATAN AND HIS DEMONS HATE THE IMAGE OF god so much they want to rip each and everyone one of us apart. Some may question God as to why he didnt step up and show his protection to all that love him. God loved Jesus so much. He was his only begotten son carried through the womb of a virgin to be born into a world were one day he would be tortured, whipped so hard that his skin was jerked off when they pulled back to hit once more. He thirst, he had the power to call on ten thousand Angels to come to his rescue. But Jesus said God if it be your will I go through this it will be done. Jesus who felt fear, hurt, sadness, && Anger. He was human like us he was Gods son a son that was sinless and loving and full of Grace to even the soldiers who were wicked. They could have been forgiven of all they had done to all they tortured if they truely repented with a truely sorry repentive heart. HE LOVED US first. SO, ALL YOU ALL THAT THINK Jesus could have stopped it dont think other wise. He could have stopped the Jews from going through what they suffered and had to endure, and he could have when the chinesse where suffering, being raped, innocent babies killed and yet he let it go on. The lord Jesus was being torchured, beaten, etc. He didnt put a stop to do it because he was tortured, Jesus believed in our loving God the Father. GOD SAID in Genius in the bible that when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit they would bring fourth death, trouble, sickness, etc. So, its not anybodies fault but Satans. Satan will get you to asking yourself why would God let this go on? Why he doesnt love his creation he wouldnt want us to die, and be tortured like this, now would he?! But you see its Satan again who tries to push your thought furthest from God and cause you to hate him. But again, pray for your enemis, be as nice and thoughful as you can. Dont try to take revenge against those who bring evil our way. We have to pray and read our bibles to over ride the lies of Satan. In jesus sweet and powerful name Amen

  5. Nico and co. You’re the ignorant ones, as you are commenting on something the closest you’ve come to is some dusty pages of history. You have neither smelled,,heard, felt any of the things that are involved with events like this. But you feel qualified to critique ??? The truth is about the” blacks” and ” yellow” or for that matter whites like the Jews and even the British prisoners of war that they all suffered in varying degrees, but according to you if one compares one against the others sufferering, one is denigrating a “race”. What utter clap trap. The greatest “IGNORANCE” is to comment on stuff you know nothing about. It might help you’re collective “Intelligence” if you stuck you’re heads where the sun don’t shine and took a deep breath, it just might blow out the cob webs!!!! Cheers

  6. Very sad to see but still these things happening ,America killed 1 million children in Iraq war but no one reveals it

  7. I am native American and I have seen what people will excuse in the name of war, it sickens me. To this day people turn a blind eye until a brave sole exposes what they have witnessed with pictures or video.

  8. It is 215 and we should never forget ! All the pictures look eerily similar to what is happening today with ISIS !!!
    Such a shame, we seem to loose our humanity when we have ideals!!!

  9. Acredito que o povo japonês deve se sentir envergonhado de toda essa barbárie! Sou professor de História aqui no Brasil e raras vezes vi fotos tão chocantes e impressionantes como essas. Realmente um genocídio como o que ocorreu na Alemanha nazista com os campos de concentração ou na Guerra da Bósnia nos anos 1990. Qualquer autoridade japonesa poderia pedir um milhão de desculpas que de nada adiantaria, pois esses crimes tornaram-se parte da História.

  10. I felt compelled to respond here. I used to be quite liberal, certainly when I was young. But living in the Middle East changed that for me. I won’t go into that here, but I’ll say this. Every nation needs a standing army ready to respond to violent aggression. The Chinese, and the people of Nanking never wanted a war….but they got it. The Yazidis in the Middle East never asked for war either, they too just happened to be on the hit list of an absolute aggressor. Looking back at Nanking, the military was unprepared and essential y lay down their arms; big mistake! I hear people question the use of the atom bomb in WW2, but what was the alternative? I also hear plenty of anti war rhetoric, war is war, and usually one side wants it….ISIS, Germany during WW2, Japan etc… You better hope your country has an efficient means to end the violence sta

  11. brandi thompson said on Friday, June 19, 2015, 15:57
    And the blacks thought they had it bad……..this is a cruel world .
    My grandfathers were both in the navy and have horrible stories

    Its a shame and almost unbelievable that in our modern day society a person would make such an insensitive ignorant remark. If your comment was your first thought after viewing the heinous tortures in the pictures above, then you are definitely inhumane and self-deserving of the weight your uneducated statement projects.

  12. (brandi thompson said on Friday, June 19, 2015, 15:57)
    “And the blacks thought they had it bad……..this is a cruel world .
    My grandfathers were both in the navy and have horrible stories”

    Its a shame and almost unbelievable that in our modern day society a person would make such an insensitive ignorant remark. If your comment was your first thought after viewing the heinous tortures in the pictures above, then you are definitely inhumane and self-deserving of the weight your uneducated statement projects.

  13. Enough of all the PC crap.Its called freedom of expression. Weither or not you agree or disagree with comments being made about race creed or color, everyone is intitled to express themselves. That’s what freedom of expression means. War is a tragedy in all phases of it. Ultimately who suffers? The innocent and those who want peace. Those in power won’t hesitate for one second to sacrifice those closest to you in the name of what’s good to the powers that be. We are all pawns and the sooner people realize this and decide to do something about it then and only then will things change. Here’s something to ponder. The U.S. has been at war for on and off for the better part of 100 years.Look it up. War only benefits the war profiteers and those in power.

  14. Enough P.C. CRAP. Nothing disgusts me more than people that don’t acknowledge the atrocities their race/religion/culture committed AND those who don’t won’t let the world forget it, by constant whining about it. In the first category (Japs, Russian Communists, Chinese Communists, Muslims and certain pro-Nazi groups, to name only a few) and in the second category (Jews, Blacks, American Indians and certain White Liberals)to name only a few.

  15. What a small minded idiot votetrump is people are allowed to bring up their past because it’s our past that shapes us be individually or as a group hell religions have been forged by holding on to the past every April we have a holiday based on one person being executed whether he was fictional or not intelligent people can debate but thing I’m most concerned about is did the Japanese ambassador actually apologise the Chinese people for these horrendous crimes against their ancestors or did not enough people care to pass these gruesome pictures on to others.
    O and kristi there’s no such thing as God or the devil just people and the choices they make Christianity was formed to keep the masses in check look through some history books you’ll see some of the vile ways they treated their women and the appalling things they have done to others all in the name of your so called God and yes it still happens.

  16. I am glad we nuked Japan but ashamed we let the biggest evildoers free. No research was worth pardoning orchestrators of these and other atrocities. I hope leftover radiation from Fat Man, Little Boy and Fukushima keeps harming Japan. May this never happen again.

  17. All of photos are fake or nothing related to Japanese military in WW2.
    Everyone should be aware and be careful. Chinese and Korean are trying to change historical fact into their favorite fake story in order to pervert the reputation of Japanese people so that they could be appreciated relatively better than Japanese people among foreign countries.
    Don’t be cheated by their propaganda.
    Be careful!!

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