Japanese Continued Denial of Past War Crimes, Crimes against Humantiy, and Now They Even Glorify War Criminals

Letter to Japanese Ambassador to Washington Fujisaki Dear Ambassador Fujisaki: Today is the eighty-first anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Mainland Asia in Manchuria by the Japanese Imperial Army, and the start of the Pacific War, 1931-45. Having earlier conquered the Kingdom of Korea and the government of Taiwan by treachery and by overt military force, Imperial Japan forged ahead on this date in 1931 with a master plan for world domination. Today the Global Alliance demonstrates for peace and for justice. The Pacific War was Japan’s vicious, unprovoked attack on her Pacific neighbors. Far from being victims of the War, Japan alone terrorized the Pacific world. Led by a fanatical emperor and military government, fortified by their world view that identified other Asians as a lesser race, the Japanese Imperial Armed Forces murdered 35 million unarmed civilians throughout the Western Pacific. Japanese soldiers and scientists devised chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction, torturing and murdering tens of thousands in the process. These weapons were then used on unarmed civilian populations in a frantic experiment designed to murder as many as possible.