Obama, Rice, Kerry, McCain, and Graham: Intervening for More War



While the frequent, dastardly lies of President Obama, CIA Chief John Brennan, and their media acolytes about the demise of al-Qaeda and its allies unravel, Obama, Susan Rice, John Kerry, John McCain, and Lindsay Graham also are knowingly stoking the flames of Islam’s religious war against the United States by intervening in the Palestine-Israel war and Egyptian politics.

Take, for example, the newly begun Israel-Palestine “peace talks.” There is, of course, no chance of peace, unless all Palestinians are forever willing to be Israel’s obedient, impotent, and forelock-tugging subjects.



First, the PLO represents half of Palestinians and the democratically elected Hamas government — which represents the rest — has not been invited to the talks. Second, no viable Palestinian state is possible because:

(a) for decades Israel has deliberately cut up Palestinian territory with roads, military positions, and settlements that leave little contiguous territory with which to compose a “state,” 

(b) because it keeps seizing Palestinian land to build security walls and settlements,

(c) third, more than half of Palestinians — and most of the Muslim world — will never accept peace with the Israelis, whom they regard as the U. S-protected enemies of their God and faith, as well as plundering and murderous land thieves.

In addition, Hamas and other Palestinian Islamists — not to mention al Qaeda and its allies — know the Arab Spring has created an enormous, if still potential opportunity to draw large quantities of Israeli blood because it toppled or weakened the Arab tyrannies that border Israel and long helped the Israelis keep their borders secure.



At bottom, the Obama administration with the support of the Israel-First-supported shills on both sides of the aisle in Congress — there are about 535 of them — are foisting a charade on the American people.

The talks will go nowhere, but when they fail Americans will give Obama credit for trying because they know such talks always fail.

The one question that remains unanswered, then, is why did the Israelis and Palestinians agree to this round of useless talks?

The answer is apparent if you listen closely. Those sounds you hear are the Israelis and Palestinians — both in the top rank when it comes to venality — slurping up funds in a cash trough filled by American taxpayers.

(NB: After the Palestinians failed to walk out of the talks when the Pakistan-bound Kerry left the Israel-First Capo Martin Indyk in charge of the talks, one also must conclude the Palestinians will to accept any level of degrading public insult to grab U.S. cash.)

The two parties provided the Potemkin talks Obama needed to remind Americans’ that he is statesman as well as a lawless thug, and so they will walk away with millions of dollars in weapons, training, subsidies for various programs in their own countries, and other forms of “aid” courtesy of the American taxpayer.

And they will be back for more failure and swag whenever Obama or another Democratic or Republican president needs a boost for their foreign-policy credentials.

Another example of national-security damaging intervention can be seen in the presence in Cairo of Republican war-lovers McCain and Graham, at Obama’s direction, to negotiate a post-coup “democratic, power-sharing arrangement” with the Egyptian military.

What that probably means, of course, is that part of the price Israel exacted from Obama for agreeing to a session of useless peace talks is an effort by the United States to stabilize Egyptian politics by making sure that the legitimately elected ex-president Muhammad Morsi, his Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, and the increasingly popular Salafists get no meaningful power in Egypt’s new military dictatorship.

The war-boys will also insist that the Egyptian military conduct an election that has the trappings of democracy but which will elect people — including a few women to please the crazed Ms. Rice and the crazier UN Ambassador Samantha Powers — who will do the Egyptian generals’ bidding.

The cost, again, will be increased military and “humanitarian and economic” aid to Egypt from the American taxpayers.

The dangers for America in Obama’s interventions are clear. In the time-honored tradition of all post-Eisenhower presidents, Obama is getting the United States more deeply involved a pair of issues that are utterly unrelated to the genuine requirements of U.S. national security; indeed; both efforts undermine that security.

In the first case, not a single aspect of American security would be impacted if Palestine or Israel or both disappeared from the planet tomorrow.

The correct position for U.S. interests on this issue is for official Washington to wish both countries a prosperous future; declare American neutrality regarding their war; offer to sell weapons to both sides on a cash-and-carry basis; and then offer a free airline ticket and an AK-47 to the war zone to all U.S. citizens who love Israel or Palestine as their country of first allegiance.

This would keep us clear of a religious war in which we have no stake, and just might partially decorrupt the American political system by sending abroad a number of the pro-Israel fifth columnists who masquerade as conservative Republicans and mainstream Democrats but put Israel‘s interests before America‘s, people such as McCain, Graham, Schumer, Levin, Clinton(s), Obama, Biden, Lieberman, Limbaugh, Bloomberg, Romney, Cheney, Bush, Levin, Hannity, Bolton, Giuliani, etc., etc. etc.

In the second case, all Egyptian parties and players know that Washington’s only interest in Egypt is to destroy Islamism and to arrange a government that will shield Israel by its willingness to kill its own citizens and adhere to the Camp David agreements.

Because Egyptians are not stupid simply because they are Muslims and have few Ivy League diplomas, all will see — and this includes Egypt’s Islamists, democrats, atheists, technocrats, Christians, etc. — that Obama and his war-loving senatorial allies do not care if the country is ruled by a military dictatorship as long as that tyranny conducts periodic, democratic-seeming sham elections; protects Israel by killing its own citizens to seal the border with Gaza; and wipes out Islamist fighters in the Sinai.

The ill-conceived nature of this intervention is two-fold:

(a) genuine U.S. national security interests are unaffected by who rules in Cairo; the Suez Canal is our only national-security interest in Egypt and any Cairo regime will keep it open as it produces indispensable revenue; and

(b) because those Washington favors — Egypt’s “democrats” and “liberals” — have no chance to prevail because they are as craven and effete as their Western counterparts — note perpetual adolescent Obama’s cowering refusal to meet Putin and assert U.S. interests — and will be annihilated when the now inevitable war begins between the Egyptian military and the Egyptian Islamists.

When the Egyptian Islamists, aided by mujahedin from around the world, emerge on top — and they will, though it may take years — they will recall that while Washington’s Republican war-boys talked all-party democracy, Obama’s intervening administration and its Republican allies played the key role in ensuring the temporary consolidation of Egyptian military’s post-coup power.

Obama’s Republican-supported intervention in these two areas of non-interest to U.S. security again underscores that today there are only two parties in the United States:

(a) the bipartisan and interventionist elite and their ideological, fifth-column, and globalist supporters and funders (AKA: The Tyranny), and

(b) the rest of us who are taxed to death for the privilege of paying for, and seeing our children die in their unnecessary, intervention-caused wars.

The real question at hand is how can Americans change this reality? It seems clear that intervention cannot be stopped at the ballot box, as the interventionists do whatever they want as soon as each election is over. What other options are there?

On the issue of options, there are many to consider. But one can get off to no better start in the pursuit of foreign-policy sanity than to reread the works of John Dickinson, Thomas Jefferson, and Thomas Paine written in 1775 and 1776. While only one of a range of options for dealing with the interventionists’ bloody and bankrupting tyranny, the works of these gentlemen have the virtue of proven success.

Michael F. Scheuer is a former CIA intelligence officer, American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst. 


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