New rent rules: the government can intervene temporarily to the sudden rising rent

The base rent tenants are disturbed by the sudden rising rent and no safety guarantees for them. The agencies of rent houses drive up the rent last year which situation hurt the tenants a lot.

The government of Beijing issued a new rule to solve the problems yesterday stipulate that lessor can not cut down the lease or add the rent by themselves unauthorized.   

In the new regulation, if the house has more than 15 lessees or has 10 rooms for rent it should be registered. The lessors do not take the responsible of safety, they will be fined for 10-30 thousand Yuan and if cause serious accidents will be fined for 30-100 thousand Yuan.

The new rule encourages the lessor and lessee to sign the long-tem lease contract to build a stable tenancy. But the concrete ways the government will use is not mentioned yet.

Source: Beijing Times

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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