New Israeli Attack on Sudan: Victim’s Blood on Israel Hands, Not For The First Time

“And this also,” said Marlow suddenly, “has been one of the dark places of the earth.” from Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad on London as the epitome of Western Culture


Far from the headlines a fully fledged war is taking place between Sudan and Israel. For years now, reports on Israeli attacks on Sudan appears on the fringes of Israeli media, while certain Sudanese actions are perceived as hostile by Israel.

In the last week of October 2012, violence reached a new peak. If Netanyahu fails to start a war with Iran, which he desperately needs for the purpose of hiding the social problems plaguing the Israeli society, he may choose Sudan as an alternative target.


Explosions in Sudan

Explosions in Yarmouk, Khartoum


Explosion in Khartoum

An explosion took place in the night between the 23 and 24 of October 2012, in Yarmouk, a weapons factory in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. The installation was attacked by four planes and devastated by the subsequent fire.

Local sources reported on a crater and rockets shrapnel in the area of the factory. Sudanese Vice President Ali Osman Taha and Information Minister Ahmed Belal Osman blamed Israel after a short investigation.

Taha stated that Sudan will retaliate, saying “Israel is a country of injustice that needs to be deterred.” Local media reported on protests of denizens, who shouted “Death to Israel” and “Remove Israel from the map.”

This was the last of a string of mysterious attacks on Sudan, which apparently originated in Israel. This assessment was strengthened by the Israeli reaction. The Prime Minister Bureau refused to react at all, while the IDF Spokeperson said: “I will not comment on the report.” In Israeli jargon, such a refusal to deny the attack equals recognition of responsibility.


Explosions in Sudan

Explosions in Yarmouk, Khartoum


Reports on Israeli violence in Sudan abound. Sudanese newspapers claimed that Israel’s Air Force bombed vehicles twice this month, though Sudanese officials denied the report.

Foreign media linked Israel to two similar previous attacks. In May 2012, the Sudanese government claimed that one person was killed when a car exploded in the City of Port Sudan. It also claimed that the event was strikingly similar to a blast last year who killed two people and that it had been blamed on an Israeli missile strike. Before that, in 2009, another similar strike took place in Eastern Sudan.

On December 15, 2011, vehicles in South Sudan—which gained independence from Sudan in July 2011—were bombed, four passengers died in two cars. Three days later, another car was bombed; all its passengers died.

The Sudanese newspaper al-Intibaha blamed the Israeli Air Force in both cases, as well as reported on the landing of an Israeli Apache helicopter in a South Sudanese radar station.

All these events are dwarfed by an attack on a convoy in Sudan in January 2009, international media reported 119 dead people. On the first week of May 2012, Sudan’s al-Intibaha newspaper reported that Israel was transferring logistical and military equipment, including missiles, to South Sudan.

This was quoted with no denial by Hebrew media. This air-convoy was performed by daily flights, which landed in one of South Sudan’s airports every night at 3AM.

Israeli media reported all the violent events mentioned in these paragraphs, always adding to its articles “foreign media blamed Israel.” The reports were neither denied nor confirmed. This formula of the Hebrew media fits events in which the Mossad is involved.


KhartoumKhartoum | “The conquest of the earth, which mostly means the taking it away from those who have a different complexion or slightly flatter noses than ourselves, is not a pretty thing when you look into it too much.” Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad


Israel and Sudan

Despite the lack of land borders between Israel and Sudan, the countries are closely related by three hot issues. The most innocent one is the constant flow of illegal workers from Sudan and South Sudan to Israel, via the Sinai Peninsula.

Their trip is facilitated by Bedouins, who de facto control that desert. In the African workers section of this website, I expand on the discrimination, inhuman deportations, and crimes faced by African workers in Israel, including the Sudanese. Israel discourages them, and is trying to hermetically close the border with a new fence; along the way, Bedouins badly exploit the travelers.

The second issue is closely related to the first. Israel claims that the land route from Sudan to Israel is used for the smuggling of weapons. These are aimed mainly to Gaza, but part of them helps the silent and slow uprising of the Bedouins in Sinai.

The new Egyptian government is seeking a way to integrate this minority into the Egyptian state. In several occasions, Hebrew media hinted that the attacks in Sudan were aimed at blocking this route.


Explosions in Sudan

Explosions in Yarmouk, Khartoum

The third topic linking the countries is the most disturbing of all. In September 2010, Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman visited various countries in Africa, namely Ethiopia, Angola, Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya. “The purpose of my visit is to demonstrate the Israeli presence in Africa,” Lieberman said. “I want to tell the leaders I meet that Africa is important to Israel. We must not neglect them, especially in view of the efforts by countries like Iran to influence them and establish themselves there.”

At the time of his visit, almost all Israeli activity in Africa was related to weapons trafficking. Moreover, seven Israelis, all ex-military men, were then behind bars in four countries on gunrunning charges. All had been licensed by Israel’s Defense Ministry. I reviewed this in Israeli Crimes in Africa and Western Media.

Sudan fits this troubling business of Israel. Despite Sudan having agreed to give independence to South Sudan, both countries are fighting over the border between them. Israel chose a side in the conflict. It is helping South Sudan against Sudan, due to the oil reserves of the first.

This is the reason for the air-convoy abovementioned. Following so many years of violent war between these famished people, it is difficult to understand why Israel is promoting violence and another generation of war.

Doesn’t Israel have enough money? Does it need to exploit the poor?


Explosions in Sudan

Explosions in Yarmouk, Khartoum


Militaristic (non)Democracy

I often analyze the inner characteristics of the Israeli Administration. Invariably, I reject its self-definition as a democracy. Its systematic violation of human rights denies any possibility of recognizing this regime as a democracy, or even as legitimate.

Violence towards one’s own citizens is unacceptable. This article puts the spotlight on the Israeli Administration’s attitude towards others. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was recognized as international law by the UN already in 1994. These rights are independent of geographical and any other considerations.

No country can violate a human claiming that this is allowed because the victim is not its citizen. These rights are absolute. In this case—as in many others—Israel allows itself to ignore the rights of Sudanese people and bomb them in their own home country basing itself on unproven allegations.

Israel knows that courts invariably serve the rich; no Sudanese can approach the International Court of Justice and sue Israel.

Attacking Sudan, Israel follows the Western Blueprint. While reading Western mainstream media, one gets the eternal impression that regardless what reality is, Goliath was the victim, where Goliath represents the West.

Reality is different, the blueprint is clear. For 500 years, we are watching a well consolidated club of enslavers running amok around the world and pillaging every attractive corner and person, enriching themselves by robbing the world’s poorest.

They perform these acts of violence claiming that they act in the name of Freedom and Democracy.

The actual War on Terror and the future War on Iran are modern variations on the theme. If these wars fail—blocking further expansion of the Western military industry—Sudan will be a handy victim.

Israel is already making sure its newest enemy is portrayed as a terrorist by the media. Regardless this propaganda, on Judgment Day, the entire world will know that the victim’s blood is on Israel hands, and not for the first time.


Tov Roy,

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