New elevator operation standards will be implemented

For recent escalator accidents, experts responded the pubic that China’s current elevator standard is Europe’s in 1995, but will be soon switched to European standards in 2009.

According to reports, the AQSIQ has mastered all the old elevators and escalators through investigating the security situation, and will carry out measures to updating the technology and research.

The data from the State Administration of Quality Supervision, the elevator in the country has reached 1,628 million in the end of 2010, the ownership and annual growth is number one in the world.

In spite of recent accidents, it’s not really bad. The average number of elevators accidents has been 40 cases since 2005, and the death is about 30 every year.

Wu Xuzheng, director of accident investigation of AQSIQ, said that overall, the basic security level of China is close to developed countries.

For the old elevator standard, Chen Fengwang, the general secretary of the National Standardization Technical Committee, said that China will soon promulgate and implement the new standard, which is modified according to European standard in 2009.

National Elevator Standards Committee took about one and half year to research into the draft. The final report was submitted in early July this year.

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