It’s necessary to clean up the high-risk groups for Shenzhen

For the questions of cleaning up high-risk groups, Wang Rong, the secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Committee of CPC and a member of the standing committee of Guangdong Provincial Committee, said that it is necessary to take extraordinary management measures in social security and urban management to ensure Universiade’s running, which is a responsible attitude.

In the clean-up Hundred Days, there are over 80,000 “high-risk” people forced to leave Shenzhen. It is reported that it just the beginning, and more relevant people will be cleared in Shenzhen. It is said to protect the safety of the Universiade.

Wang recognized that it’s possible to keep the existing order for preparing such an important event. “If we don’t disturb the citizens, it is comforting words to us. But we do our best not to disturb the citizens, this should be our goal.”

It is known that the Universiade is the biggest international event held in Shenzhen. Therefore, some media said that Shenzhen seemed more intense due to lack of experience.

Source: Beijing News

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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