Netanyahu Fears WAR CRIMES Charges

Israel PM fears war crime charges: Analyst

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is afraid of a possible international lawsuit by Palestinians against the Zionist regime to face war crime charges, an analyst tells Press TV.

In an interview with Press TV on Friday, Jim W. Dean said Netanyahu is appealing to US lawmakers to dodge war crime charges over Israel’s onslaught on Gaza.

“By doing this and putting a show on doing it publicly, he is showing that they are really afraid of this…,” Dean added.

The analyst stated that Netanyahu is seeking the help of US Congressmen to assist Tel Aviv avert war crime charges and, thus, continue its war on Gaza.

“What he is asking the Congress to do is to aid and abet Israel getting away with these war crimes that they have been committing, which basically is giving them the potential to continue to do these,” he said.



Dean added that “all supporters” of Israel must be also sued in international courts for helping the Tel Aviv regime with its crimes.

The Israeli military aggression against Gaza, which began on July 8, has claimed lives of more than 1,900 Palestinians, including more than 400 children, and injured over 10,000 others.

A 72-hour truce in Gaza ended Friday morning without any agreement to extend it. Shortly after the expiry of the truce, the Israeli regime resumed pounding the Gaza Strip and Israeli tanks were redeployed to their previous positions during the Gaza war.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu reportedly met with US officials on Wednesday, asking them to ensure that Palestinians’ bid to go to ICC does not succeed after Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki met with ICC officials in The Hague earlier this week to file a complaint detailing war crimes committed by the Israeli army over the past few weeks in Palestine.


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  1. in any side, in any form of propaganda. And don’t tell me about the ofcfiial elections… We both know here again.Blinkers go with all cultures and their conditioning, not only with Islam. Spanish Inquisitors, Hitler Youth, Kamikazes, Enola Gay pilots weren’t Muslim. In Yugoslavia, Muslims suffered more form Christian atrocities than the opposite (if a comparison can ever be made); same deal in 1982 in Sabra et Chatila.Peter, in spite of my respect and friendship for you, I think your posts are voluntarily (and disgustingly) ambiguous in their one-sided legitimation of Israel oppressive politics and its horrors. Contrarily to what Netanyahu suggests, whatever horrors one side is committing (be relieved I am not trying to justify Hamas and other fanatics’ atrocities), legitimating the other side violent (and state-supported) response in legitimating an endless cycle.I wish to conclude with this very light anecdote. When I lived in New Zealand, one of my neighbour told us (to Pierre and myself) that he doesn’t like us as we he doesn’t trust any French ass since what happen to the Rainbow Warrior. Reality is that majority of French people hated what happened. We were deeply ashamed. But yes, we didn’t show that much unfortunately.Hopefully when this gentleman told me that, I didn’t thought that Kiwis were closed-minded. And I still don’t, after they empty our house and finally “threw us” out 😉 Because I am only talking of a bunch of few people here. Not about 4 millions of human beings.

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