Mali(gn) French and NATO Pivot in North-West Africa Threatens Regional Stability

“We are expecting a well planned coup d´etat by the US-UK and France in Bamako, Mali by March or April 2013″, says a German West-Africa Specialist to nsnbc. He continues saying that “recruited extremists will attack the government and win, thanks to the covert military support. Mali´s Supreme Military Commander Sanogo will, if the coup d´etat succeeds, be eliminated. It is not unlikely, that Mali´s President Dioncounda Traoré is already negotiating his future with Paris”.

Ever since the 2010 French – NATO manufactured coup d´etat in Ivory Coast and the ousting of Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo, and latest since the illegal war on Libya and the murder of Libya´s head of state Muammar Ghadaffi, analysts were not in doubt that a coup d´etat in Mali and the ousting of Mali´s President Amandou Toumani Touré would have high priority on the agenda of NATO´s North West Africa Pivot.

If there is no popular dissent in a country like Mali, which has the value of its currency, the Franc CFA regulated by France, it is relatively easy to manufacture the social and economical preconditions to foster dissent.

According to Aminata Traoré, who until 2000 was the Minister of Culture, the “International Community” has withdrawn more than 429 billion CFA Franc of financial support to Mali. 429 billion CFA Francs which Mali and the 15 West-African UMOA member states had usurped by France to have it given back in the form of financial support from “the international community”.

Is it difficult to manufacture poverty and starvation in Mali ?

Not for France which prints the CFA Frank and delivers it to the African nations as debt, which regulates the value of the 15 UMOA member states currency, keeps their gold reserves in France, which has veto right in their central banks, and which keeps at least 65 % of the 15 nations foreign reserves in an operations account at the Tresor Nationale.

France then invests the reserves at min. 3 % and lends the profit to the UMOA member states in form of development loans and the like. France literally runs these 15 nations economy.

Already prevalent problems with extremist Salafists who often recruit via charitable work for the most impoverished segments of populations, who thanks to Saudi Arabia´s financial largess are present worldwide, are then systematically aggravated.

Mercenaries who have been recruited in the slums, suburbs and refugee camps from Mauritania to Indonesia, from Turkey to Somalia can, when needed, be airlifted for Jihad where ever an enemy of convenience under the banner of Al-Qaeda is required in order to justify an intervention under the pretext of a responsibility to protect and combating terrorism.

Mali was and is the expected war. The symptom of a Mali(gn) modo-colonial alliance´ push for the re-colonization of Africa.

Mali´s already sparse defense resources would of course have to be undermined to render the country more vulnerable for the onslaught of NATO´s low budget hordes of Salafist mercenaries.

With the national economies of 15 Western-African nations being absolutely dependent on France and French Goodwill, and after the successful replacement of Ivory Coast´s President Laurent Gbagbo with the herbé, french-married globalist Alassane Dramane Outtara, who came to power in Ivory Coast after a French backed coup d´etat, it probably did not take all too much lobbying to have Senegal and Guinea join Ivory Coast at enforcing an arms embargo against Mali.

The international mainstream media are fulfilling their role, scripting and preparing Africans, Europeans and Arabs alike for the plausibility of a successful elimination of Mali´s military commander Sanogo, and for the necessity of an even more substantial  intervention to bring back peace and stability to the country with the help of NATO deployments. Meanwhile, also Mauritania and other neighbors are feeling the noose of subversion tightening.

French forces in Northern Africa are, of course, overwhelmed by the strength of NATO´s low budget Salafist warriors and international military aid is required to fight the enemy of choice, Al-Qaeda.

Hence, Washington has agreed to provide France with airlifts to help transporting troops and equipment as well as trainers and “military advisers“, which ever since Vietnam translates into “Special Forces“. The propaganda plot is, that Washington is helping France to fight the “Islamist Rebels”. No word about the fact that they are being paid for by Saudi Arabia, of course. France has currently deployed 1400 troops and 1100 more, including troops from the French Foreign Legion, are expected to be deployed within days.

The US military plans to deploy C-17 and C-5 cargo carrier aircraft which are convertible into troop carriers. The C-17s and C-5s are ideal for picking up and deploying troops in areas with short and shabby runways and are the perfect choice for logistic air dumps of equipment to both the friends and the alleged foes. The US also deploys surveillance drones, supplementing the french Harfang drones which were already deployed in late 2012.

France will help Mail´s forces with transport and deployment of troops from and to the battlefields. It is a perfect scenario for a setup. During an emergency meeting in Bruxelles on Thursday, the European Union approved of sending military training missions to Mali.

Germany has deployed two Transall transport planes from Germany´s 63rd air force squadron to Mali, joining the mission to recolonize the region.

Togo, also having the value of its currency regulated by France, has deployed 100 troops. Nigeria will deploy troops as well as airplanes to Mali soon. Senegal will aid both African and French troops with logistics.

The re-colonization Domino continues; Ivory Coast, Libya, Mali and nobody does expectthat the brush fire will stop there.

So far Mauritania has ruled out a military intervention in Mali even though the government of Mauritania´s President Mohammed Ould Abdel Aziz has on several occasions authorized incursions of Mauritanian troops into Mali to prevent the infiltration of Salafist fighters into the country.

Mauritania has since the “Arab Spring” experienced an increased presence of often Saudi Arabia sponsored Salafists. In August 2012 a young unmarried couple was stoned to death.

There are only a few extremists in the country but they are making their presence felt.  In an interview in 2012 Mauritania´s President Abdel Azis said; “We saw this problem coming, we said it and history proved us right” while he underlined that “the Mauritanian army had carried out attacks against the bases of Al Qaeda in Mali to prevent their infiltration of the country“.

The answer to the question whether the new colonization of Africa can be halted or opposed ultimately depends on, whether those African leaders who hardly dare to speak above their breath in condemnation of France and its usurpation, as well as against the French-US-UK neo-colonial project, will be successful in facing the beast united and whether they are successful at creating alliances with China and Russia, or if they will fall one by one.

So far, neither Russia or China seem to have acted upon the fact that their involvement in Mali and Africa is as required as their confrontation of NATO to prevent a military intervention in Syria.



Dr. Christof Lehmann who is the Founder and Editor for the nsnbc is also one of the frequent contributors for The 4th Media.

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