Libya as a new litmus test if the “21st Century Law of the Jungle“ will prevail

Arrival of the “21st Century cowboy gangster-style” imperialism instead the much-anticipated co-prosperous multipolar world of mutually-respecting, democratically consensus-building, respectfully dialoguing, non-interfering of sovereign nations’ internal affairs

Libya seems going to be a new litmus test for the immediate future of 21st Century international relations if, by any means necessary, the US-led NATO in the form of multinational “cowboy[i] gangster[ii]-style robbery[iii]” completes its extremely greedy and hypocritical goals in a immensely natural and financial resource-rich North African nation.

Now, as it’s been repeatedly warned by many for sometimes, even Syria is rapidly becoming another Libya.

As many have also repeatedly cautioned the international community, to isolate and demonize Syrian government and its national leadership, with very same method the US/West used against Libya, is doubtlessly for the pretext of another US-led NATO military intervention.

Their strategy to prey Syria is an exact copy of the Libyan case which was (and still is!) extremely deceptive, solely based upon the US/West’s massive media campaign of disinformation, fabrication, flat lie propaganda, together with their covert military intervention in the name of so-called “civilian armed insurrection against authoritarian dictatorships.”

However, it’s now well-known, thoroughly-documented and broadly-publicized that those so-called “civilian-turned-into-armed rebel groups both in Libya and Syria have been funded, trained, and orchestrated from/by outside, specifically by US, Britain, Israel and now, even, clandestinely assisted by Turkey,” the supposed-to-be their trusted Arab neighbor.

(See, in regard to the above argument, Prof. Chossudovsky’s most recent article: The Destabilization of Syria and the Broader Middle East War:

But, no matter who’s behind, who’s in charge, who’s right or wrong in the past, unless the present US-led NATO military intervention against Libya is STOPPED NOW before it’s too late, then they’ll certainly pursue all the way through to complete their next hidden mission in Syria as well.

If they are successful in Syria, too, then they’ll surely go after Iran as their next target as US/NATO/Israeli national leadership, both civilian and military, have publicly professed on and off last ten some years.

If that’s the case to be, then the “Libya-Syria global failure” could be most likely a new norm as the “21st Century Law of the Jungle” in the immediate future of global affairs at least for a while, if not for the whole century.

If that’s the case to be, the immediate prospect of the much-predicted and long-anticipated arrival of “multipolar world” would be much delayed at least for a while, if not disappeared completely.

If that’s the case to be, in other words, if the present US-led NATO military interventions against both Libya and Syria succeed, the “irrecoverably-bankrupted” Western (both US and its key European) powers who’ve been financially desperate thereby frantically looking for looting others’ natural resources (oil, natural gas, uranium, etc.), gold and money wouldn’t stop there but certainly go ahead to prey Iran as their next Libya and Syria.

If all that “21st Century cowboy gangster-style” robberies were to become an irreversible reality in North Africa region, and unless some countermeasures urgently injected BY NOW, it wouldn’t be difficult for one to imagine the immediate future of the world.

That immediate reality would look something very much like the world is under the siege of “21st Century Law of the Jungle.”

Unless some extraordinary and urgent countermeasures are taken immediately by countries like China and Russia, together with their friendly BRICS and SCO nations and any other independent-minded and peace-loving nations around the world, the immediate future of global power relations won’t be, for sure, conducted according to the universally-upheld principles of mutual-respect, non-interference of other sovereign nations’ internal affairs, peace-building, peace-loving and international justice .

What kind of practically workable options in the present global community might be available in regard to the “extraordinary and urgent countermeasures”?

If a daydream is allowed as in the following: For example, if an immediate injection of self-organized multiantional peacekeeping forces from BRICS, SCO or any other responsible international organizations could be mobilized ASAP and sent into Tripoli, Libya, that, if possible at all, could be an option.

It could possibly work as some sort of “human shield” to either deter, discourage or even stop the illegal (in the sense of “breaking the limit of UNSC resolution 1973 with regard to the so-called “No-Fly- Zone”) US-led NATO’s “indiscriminate bombings against targets including civilians.”

Also, if needed, this sort of extraordinary urgent measures should be unilaterally taken and executed since the UNSC particularly on this very issue seems also under the siege of US/NATO powers.

Unfortunately, in today’s world politics, this sort of option which could be practically working to build a peace, to save the lives and to stop the war could be taken as  a daydreaming, naive or unrealistic act.

Anyhow, under the present circumstances, the immediate reality of the world which seems look like a gun onto its head won’t be either a world of  trouble-free, fear-free, war-free.

Neither would that world be free from further aggressive US-led NATO’s threats, intimidations, interventions and 21st Century cowboy gangster-style robberies.

Nor would Palestinians be free from much more aggressive Israeli colonial rule.

Thus, before too late to stop them from violently forcing and arbitrarily imposing their 21st Century Law of the Jungle in the form of “cowboy gangster-style robbery” against all of us, I believe any independent-minded nations such as China, India, Russia, Brazil and South Africa whose combined BRICS power could be strong and sufficient enough to deter, discourage or even to stop the US-led NATO aggressions MUST ACT NOW!

It seems the US-led NATO powers must be unconscious or unaware of how much shamelessly naked they are!

Or, even if they might be aware, they seem act as if they don’t even care what others say or how the world sees them.

They seem really don’t mind how much ugly, disgusting, hypocritical, and vicious they could be.

Why? Why is that?

Because it seems they are in a great hurry.


For they are so much in dire situation in all aspects of their rapidly shrinking imperial power!

For they are horribly afraid if they might lose the throne of “Only Global Superpower,” as plainly stated by the departing (deeply frustrated and troubled) US Defense Secretary Robert Gates in his June 19th’s interview with NEWSWEEK.

(See the Gates’ interview-related article, America’s “superman exceptionalism” versus world’s many “holocausts”:

For, as the whole world knows, they are literally bankrupt.

So they either have to borrow money from China or rob somebody else’s enormous wealth such as Libya which is the oil-, natural gas-, uranium-, cash- and even gold-rich nation.

So they have to do anything (and everything possible!) to turn the whole thing (the situation of complete bankruptcy and global empire in rapid decline) upside down.

Particularly they have to stop their “major rival” as “major threat to their global preeminence,” i.e., China’s continued growth both in economic and military aspects, including its rapidly growing international influence by gaining genuine respects from around the globe while they don’t get any genuine respect and their influences seem going down all the time.

That’s exactly why the whole world has to go through again this “cowboy gangster-style robbery” in this daylight brand new 21st Century.

That’s exactly why they are so afraid of, so frantic, thereby careless, so illegal, so racist, so cunning, unethical, immoral, and (damn!) hypocritical like Secretary Hillary.

Before too late, for the sake of a better future of the whole humanity, the jungle powers must be stopped NOW ONCE FOR ALL!



[i] Cowboy … for boy implied not only youth and boyish attitudes but also low status. … but uncomplimentary word cowboy was already around, pro-British raiders who operated in the boundary between American and British forces in Westchester County, New York. They harassed and plundered the rural districts; a later writer said, “[T]hey went around in the bushes armed with guns and tinkling a cow-bell so as to beguile the patriots into the brush hunting for cows.” …  equally troublesome pro-independence raiders … cowboy today still is used to mean someone who is reckless, impulsive, and dangerous. It can also be modified to mean someone who merely puts on airs of being tough or sophisticated.” (

[ii] Gangster is a member of an organized gang of criminals, especially one who resorts to violence (

[iii] Robbery is the crime of taking or attempting to take something of value by force or threat of force and/or by putting the victim in fear. At common law, robbery is defined as taking the property of another, with the intent to permanently deprive the person of that property, by means of force or fear. Robbery differs from simple theft in its use of violence and intimidation. Among the types of robbery are piracy, armed robbery involving use of a weapon, and aggravated robbery involving use of a deadly weapon or something that appears to be a deadly weapon. (Wikipedia)

Dr. Kiyul Chung is Editor-in-chief at the 4th Media and a Visiting Professor at Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication.

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