Israeli Military Occupation Continues to Kill, Injure, Dehumanize Palestinians in Land Day protests

One person has been killed and over 300 others have been injured in Israeli attacks on protesters marking Land Day in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, Press TVreports.

At least one Palestinian was killed and more than two dozen others were wounded on Friday after Israeli forces opened fire on demonstrations in the northern Gaza Strip.

In the occupied West Bank, Israeli forces beat up the crowd of peaceful demonstrators in al-Quds (Jerusalem) and arrested a number of protesters.

Israeli police also fired rubber bullets, and tear-gas, and used stun grenades to disperse the protesters.

Outbreaks of violence were also reported in the West Bank city of Qalandiya.

The Friday rallies, attended by groups of international human rights activists, are part of an international campaign called the Global March to al-Quds (Jerusalem), a peaceful international movement that also condemns the Israeli occupation of the holy city.

The event marks Land Day and the Israeli military’s deadly attack on Palestinians peacefully protesting Tel Aviv’s land policies in 1967.

Similar protests have been held in the Lebanese and Syrian capitals. Palestinian activists say solidarity protests have been planned in some 80 nations.

Meanwhile, Israel has tightened security in the border region of the Golan Heights in Syria, setting up a new fence and planting landmines near the line separating the strategic heights from the occupied West Bank.


Press TV

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