Israel Continues to Steal Palestinian Land While US Aids Attacks on Gaza Strip

Israeli expansion and occupation in the Gaza Strip is losinginternational backing, according to Matthew Gould, the British Ambassador to Tel Aviv. Gould said: “Support for Israel is starting to erode and that’s not about these people on the fringe who are shouting loudly and calling for boycotts and all the rest of it. The interesting category is those members of parliament in the middle, and in that group I see a shift.”

An Israeli attack on the West Bank where new settlements is being announced while more Palestinians are dying is drawing international concern over human rights violations. On July 14th, Israel stated that 100 new units in the illegal settlement of Modi’in Illit and 130 united in the occupied area of Jabal Abu Ghuneim on the West Bank is causing more violence toward the Palestinian people.

Land belonging to Waqf, a Muslim religious trust, has been usurped by the Israel Defense Forces’ Civil Administration and are being used to construct Jewish homes and public facilities.



Israel also built The Good Samaritan Archaeological Museum, run by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority on this stolen land.

Uri Mendes, head of the Civil Administration’s infrastructure department, wrote to the secretary of Kibbutz Na’aran: “There is a reasonable chance that land in this area does not belong to the state. This clarification follows claims by Waqf representatives regarding Jordanian land registration shortly before the Six-Day War, and Jordanian directives that the land be registered in the Waqf’s name and not as belonging to Jordan. The implications of this fact are extensive, and ramifications for the kibbutz are clear and decisive. I am surprised you are not aware of this issue.”

The construction of more Israeli settlements was directed by Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister. Since 1967, illegal settlements have been built in occupied Palestinian territories under the oversight of armed forces. Ground and airstrikes against Palestinians, denying them basic human rights have continued unabated for decades.

Thanks to Obama’s $70 billion gift , Arrow II missile defense systems have been acquired by Israel – supposedly to protect them from attacks from Iran and Syria. They have also added to their arsenal, sensors, command and control equipment, as well as radar.

The US and Israeli collaboration have aided in the continued armament of Israel.

As they talk about annihilation of the enemies, the US government is giving them money, intelligence and weaponry to facilitate their endeavors.

Netanyahu and Obama have decided to attack Iran . They are working out the details now. Yet they have agreed that the attack will happen in a few weeks or months. Both leaders agree that they have similar interests in the region and will support each other.

While the Zionist regime remains in power, which has paired up with Obama to take over sovereign nations in the Middle East, the death toll will rise and the wars will not cease.

Mainstream media (MSM) are reporting that Iran is testing short-range missiles capable of striking land and sea targets in anticipation of the Strait of Hormuz being attacked. Propaganda surrounding Iran’s nuclear threat to Israel is being purveyed by the MSM. At this point, it is the only justification Obama and Netanyahu have for their pre-planned attack on Iran after the pre-meditated implosion of Syria.

Back in May, the House of Representatives passed USIESC that pledges to Israel:

-US military defense systems in defense of Israel

-Any necessary additional weaponry Israel requires

-Any monies necessary to assist Israel in procuring defense stockpiles

-US encouragement of NATO forces to assist Israel with headquarters and military exercises

-Guaranteed loan program with Israel at the expense of the US taxpayers through funds funneled through the central banking cartels

-Secret intelligence, including satellite imagery to make sure Israel can continue their genocidal plans for the Palestinians

Israel has blockade UN delegates from entering the West Bank to survey the devastation and loss of life that has been brought to the international community’s attention.

The Non-Aligned Movement, a group consisting of Latin America, Africa and various Asian countries, support the Palestinian cause.

Omar Awadallah, a senior Palestinian Foreign Ministry official, said: “Israel intentionally barred this meeting because it was good for our UN bid.’”
Against the wishes of his peers, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is waiting until after the US presidential elections are over before requesting recognition at the UN Security Council because he feels it might complicate Obama’s re-election efforts.

Israel has recently attacked the southern area of the Gaza Strip under the guise of going after supposed cross-border attackers from Egypt that killed an Israeli worker last June. The Israeli military claim this group has ties to an unidentified global jihadist network. No proof has been provided by the Israeli military.


Susanne Posel, Occupy Corporatism

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