Industrial glacial acetic acid is blended into vinegar

Recently, it is found that there are many unscrupulous merchants take risk to add industrial glacial acetic acid into vinegar. But industrial glacial acetic acid can lurk in the market for some time because of highly disguise and technology level.

“As the price of industrial glacial acetic acid is only 35% of edible glacial acetic acid, many unscrupulous suppliers risked money-making,” Chen Kangliang (a pseudonym), worked in food industry nearly 20 years, said. He also expressed that the mainstream of fraud is glacial acetic acid plant which supplied a large number of industrial glacial acetic acid in the price of edible glacial acetic acid to food manufacturers.

Chen said that the naturalness of edible glacial acetic acid at least reach up to 95%, while mixed acid with industrial glacial acetic acid will be much lower than the standard, even is zero. However, the index of industrial glacial acetic acid is in line with edible glacial acetic acid except naturalness. While the index of naturalness in acid isn’t a part of routine quality testing of the current local technical supervision departments, the fraud vinegar is popular on the market.

At present, only Fudan University has the ability to detect the naturalness index of the acid.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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