Overlooking the historical peek by historical philosophy

What means “big things”?

Concentrate resources and power to do big things again. University Games in Shenzhen is no different with other “big things” before, just less dignified than the Olympic Games. International Olympic Committee expressed their hope to China can hold other Olympics again which does not be welcomed by Chinese people at least in the internet.

Indeed, it is not true that the more money been spent the greater feat will get, although the money is all belong to the common people. And the common people start to realize the money is stolen from their purses by a invisible hand which now begins to slow up.

Other big things are not going well recently, such as the collapse of bridges, the crash of the bullet trains, the deceleration of the high speed railway, the oil leak of Bohai Bay, the chrome pollution in Yunnan, and the Dalian PX Program certified the bulwark cannot protect the sea wave. China Investment Corporation is called as “Money dispenser” by keeping huge losses of investments. The Administration of Foreign Exchange claimed that the China’s foreign exchange reserve was not the money which hard-earned by Chinese workers. The Central Bank, however, is not the U.S. Federal Reserve who has the capacity to earn the money without the capital but the hand tricks. In fact, we can find the whereabouts of the surplus RMB to cause the inflation of domestics and more seriously exploit the hard working people in China.

The root of the so many issues in China is that an extreme undeveloped bureaucratic system still tries to control the society which is stepping into the modern world.

Therefore, if we want to do the big things, we should change the routines we have, otherwise, nothing can be succeed. The very first thing we should figure out how to follow the trend of history to avoid making horrible mistakes. History, indeed, drops the rubbish during the development. China was eagerly fighting for the authority of the “garbage station of history” to threw the treasures in it during the Cold War. Now, by contrary, China becomes the picking up people picking back some discards which hardly distinguish the real rubbishes and pretends not realize the smelly from them.

The United States is still haranguing the “historical garbage”, Robert Gates the former Secretary Defense of US even throw several countries who belittled America into the garbage. Several days ago, Palin said: “I believe the United States is the last hope for the human beings” when she announced a presidential bid. They insist to believe America is till leading the world forward to the future. Maybe these kinds of words can only speak out by politicians from DPRK and the United States after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The circle theory in the philosophy of history

The philosophy of history and political science have a close relations between each other, however, the latter ones can only exist in a easy political atmosphere and accomplish development when liberty is protected by more and more institutions.

In authoritarian systems, politics is the prohibition to the civilians and the theories in this field always the conclusion of the means of control.

The people should not ignore the serious problems inside ourselves and have the open sight to the world focusing other’s faults and enjoying for them. The disease of one person cannot certificate the other’s health. We can totally sure that the autocracy should not the future of the democracy, even if the democracy has already been corrupted.

The social motivation and the trend of history

We should also study about the motivation of social development after knowing the model of historical development.

The main international competitions happened among British, the United States, German and Russia. Some totalitarians could promote the national development rapidly in a short time, at least in the statistical reports. The victory of Russia and German, however, accelerated the rising of the United States because of the autocracy strangled the prospects of those countries in the long time and limited the talents.

The familiar history repeated in other countries again. Although the talents are not facing the direct threat of death penalty, they still flood into the United States. Some people who have a comfort and stable life will seek more self-interest and fight against the talents and conscience or even treat the common people as enemies.

The targets of the rulers: benevolent kingly way

As Cycle theory told us, the history will never end, the human being will never reach and stay in the step of democracy. Both the volatility of human nature and the vulnerability of the society will change the political institutions. The cognitive style also can change the institutions. “Change” is the truth which is eternally unchanged. That might be the social motivation.

In the period during the westernization, the stages of history is a school which the learners cut the Chinese history according to the western theories and destroyed the heritages ancestors left to us, and there are only the fragments of history and cultural can be left. Somebody now, highlights the Chinese characteristics as a guardian of those fragments and seems as they can confront the transforms by standing on the fragments which they even do not know how to splice together.

We are brought into a most crucial and ignorant step when we trust the history is developing. Recently, beyond the fragments, there are just power and money, many people seem become the thorough materialist, and therefore, the atmosphere of “doing big thing” are more and more concentrated.

The “big things” which belongs to the ideology are always certified been ridiculous and crucial. And the big things which have lower level, such as all kinds of Games, will finally been left only the vanity, profligacy and distortions. Meanwhile, other kind of big things which need treat seriously with common sense, such as bullet trains or high railways, if not, will disregard for human life by corruptions. These big things are neither the economic motivation nor the social ones.

The real big things should base on the normal life of the common people. In politics, the thought of real serving community is not from the democrat but just can realize in it. The rulers can only reach their real political targets by giving the political rights to the common people and giving them a normal life.

Compared by the Games “big things”, there are other bigger stuffs to the rulers to accomplish.

The historical periods are too long. The benevolent kingly way had already disappeared for more than 3, 000 years, maybe it will show up again, of course, the modern ones. Only the people can be the King in modern time. The benevolent kingly way can appear as long as the people are the masters of their own.

Source: Economic Information

Translated and edited by Yang Jingmin

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