Hunan official response on the case of Shaoyang’ selling children

Child snatching of Shaoyang in Hunan province has been past two months, but the official investigation has not yet released. The reporter contacted the relevant department for several times, but has not received results.

Today, Mr.Zeng, the director of the investigation team of the sell child case and the secretary of Shaoyang Supervision Secretary, told People Daily’s reporter that the previously media reports on the case has been partly false. “Trading baby” was simply nonentity. The detailed results would be announced recently.

However, the things have not been smooth.

On June 22, an unexpected thing was happened. Two parents of the seized children were arrested by Shaoyang police for prostitution, during their right-safeguarding for loss of children.

Yang Libing and Zhou Yinghe, the key of defenders, were detained 15 days for prostitution. But Li Hongfu, who asked the two parents to “recreation”, was missing after Yang and Zhou were arrested. Li claimed that his daughter has also been taken away and provided some materials, but they were turned out to be forged.

Zeng said that Yang and Zhou’s thing is definitely true, and they were arrested when Shaoyang police investigated prostitution.

The parents who lost their children were ready to resort to legal means.

Source: People’s Daily

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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