Hamas: Israel releases false reports about Gaza rockets

Hamas movement in Gaza on Sunday accused Israel of releasing false news about Palestinian rocket attacks, stressing that Hamas is in contact with Gaza-based factions to maintain cease-fire with Israel.

In a statement, Hamas Interior Ministry said the “false accounts” aim at preparing international mood for a military escalation in the Gaza Strip. They are also meant to cover ” Israeli measures to make Jerusalem Jewish and the construction of settlements in the West Bank.”

Hamas said it is in contact with the Gaza-based factions and armed groups “to protect the national understanding and withdraw pretexts from the enemy,” referring to a deal reached in January, in which the factions restrain from attacking Israel without unanimous agreement.

Israel said that 10 missiles were fired from Gaza over the past three days, including two Russian-made Grad rockets. The attacks caused no casualties.

Israeli military escalation feared in Gaza strip

Israel responded with a series of airstrikes on several targets for Hamas and Islamic Jihad movement in the coastal enclave, including a vehicle said to have been moving cash bags to Hamas near Gaza’s border with Egypt.

Hamas urged the factions to reach the agreement in January after it received messages that Israel was preparing a massive military operation in Gaza, similar to the Operation Cast Lead that ended in early 2009.

– Xinhua

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