Guo Meimei denies her boyfriend is a shareholder

Guo Meimei drive Lamborghini


Lamborghini store is in the Shenzhen Wuhua company's downstairs


Weng Tao's Weibo

According to Morning News, Guo Meimei respond on recently guess about her boyfriend on Weibo, saying her boyfriend was born in 1986,and is not the person passed on a message online.

Previously, someone said that Guo’s boyfriend is Wang Jun, who is a member of the board of directors of a company with ties to China’s Red Cross Society and holds a 10 percent stake in that Shenzhen company.

Guo released a post on her microblog yesterday, saying “a variety of rumor online has affected my personal life. I think I should stand out to clarify some facts. I don’t want you to listen to the rumors. My boyfriend was born in 1986, and is not the person they said online. The photos with a plastic surgery are not mine. I hope some persons do not distort the facts. Netizens, you cannot believe my words but don’t attack on me, ok? ”

Weng Tao, chief executive of the company, said on his micro blog on on Sunday that Wang Jun, was born in 1969, is the alleged boyfriend of the woman.

Yesterday, Weng also respond on his Weibo after Guo’s response, saying that” I have noticed Guo’s remarks. I state once again: I don’t know Guo. The message, Guo is Wang’s girlfriend, is told by Wang to me.”

Obviously, netizens don’t care who Guo’s real boyfriend is. ”高飞superfier”said that “please tell us the source of your income. The public does not care about your boyfriend but your luxury.”


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