Guangdong villagers send pear to the court

Yesterday morning, Aowei villagers of Gaominghe Street in Foshan cityof Guangdong province, come to Foshan Intermediate People’s Court with some pears (鸭梨,a kind of pear grown in Heibei Province). They want to give the pears to the court, and it means that the court is facing with tremendous pressure because the pears’ Chinese pronunciation is similar to pressures’.

At the present, the court is carrying out the second instance of the case of collective property ownership in the Aowei village.

The relevant official of the court received the Aowei villagers, and listened to opinions from villagers on the case, but did not accept the pears.

According to the villagers, at the beginning of 2008, the village established the economic cooperative. Due to the election of the president and vice president were not satisfied, most residents refused to participate in the organization. Then in accordance with the practice of separating economics and politics, the economic cooperative would be in charge of the village’s collective property.

“Most of us didn’t join in the organization, why did they can on behalf of us?” a villager said.

Gaoming Court’s the first instance verdict is that the ownership of the village’s collective property belongs to the economic cooperative.

The villagers fear they will lose again, so that they think out the idea of sending pear, which learn from the web.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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