The MTR Corporation’s Shenzhen branch denies the subway reversed


On Sunday night, at least two passengers were injured in a similar incident to Beijing subway line4 crush at Shenzhen Metro.

However, in a later media release on Monday morning, Shenzhen branch of the Hong Kong-based Mass Transit Railway (MTR) Corporation said that the escalator did not reverse its direction during the incident, and then released three sections of surveillance video.

The video shows that the escalator has been up, not the reverse run, before the accident happened. The company also confirmed the emergency stop button of the escalator was pressed, according to the station record and the received signal from the station’s control room.

The accident still under the investigation, but the company makes a promise to do their best.

After the accident, Shenzhen checked all the 119 escalators in Longhua line. The result shows they comply with the safety requirements.

Shenzhen Special Inspection Institute released preliminary test result that the related projects have no exception.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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