Globalist Sandy Berger, a CFR Member and a Bilderberg Attendee, Talks Turkey On Iran Attack

Sandy Berger is a CFR member and a Bilderberg attendee who advised Bill Clinton on various geopolitical issues, including the bombing of Yugoslavia.

Like most Democrats, he peddles the narrative that Iran is working on a nuke and if it gets one it will commit suicide and attack Israel (which has around 400 nukes). Berger wants “dialog” with Iran while piling up sanctions that will ultimately result in the starvation of average Iranians.

The neocon choice for chief teleprompter reader, Mitt Romney, has opted out of “talking” with Iran, Mr. Berger reminds us. He embraced the neocon cause.

“President Romney would have us on the precipice of war — sooner rather than later,” writes Berger for Foreign Policy, the globalist magazine started by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. “Romney agrees with Netanyahu — the time for talking is over. Negotiations have failed. We need to get tougher on Iran.”

However, if Obama takes the November dog and pony show, war will come anyway. “And if war becomes our only choice, the world will see that we truly have exhausted all other avenues, that it is the last alternative and that we do not take lightly the prospect of introducing another American-led bombing campaign into a Middle East already in turmoil,” Berger writes.

Martin Indyk has said as much. “I’m afraid that 2013 is going to be a year in which we’re going to have a military confrontation with Iran,” he told CBS over the weekend.

Indyk is vice president and director of Foreign Policy at Brookings, the Democrat version of a neocon think tank funded lavishly by the Rockefellers, Carnegie, the United Nations, J.P. Morgan Chase, and the all-important CIA partner in crime, the Ford Foundation, to name but a handful.

Martin Indyk is a former ambassador to Israel and the director of the Saban Center for Middle East Policy. It is financed by Haim Saban, an Israeli-American businessman and ardent Zionist who proudly stated “I’m a one issue guy, and my issue is Israel.” Indyk also founded the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a Democrat version of the neocon American Enterprise Institute.

It should now be obvious – with these folks calling the shots, World War III is right around the corner and it will make WWII and the “War to End All Wars” look like a stroll in the park by way of comparison.


Kurt Nimmo
September 17, 2012


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