Former US Congress Woman’s Thoughts on Libya: “Illegal War on Libya”

During one of the many anti-war protests that I’ve participated in, Senator Mike Gravel adapted an anti-war chant from the Vietnam War days:  Hey, hey, Obama please say.

How many kids did you kill today?  It’s more appropriate than ever because as I write this, U.S. bombs continue to fall in Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, and now it is reported that the US drones are flying all over Libya and are bombing from Benghazi to Tripoli.

Reports from Libya today are that foreign oil companies have evacuated their employees and stopped operations and that U.S. troops are in various parts of the country.

It is also only just now being reported that the first tiny victims–twins–of US/NATO use of depleted uranium in Libya were spontaneously aborted during the latter part of the DU bombings of that country.

Tragedy continues to unfold in Libya.  Here are some questions and points that I raised as the news unfolded on 9/11/12:


Every loss of life is tragic and that is why I oppose the current US policy of killing.

The US is currently regularly killing people in Asia and in Africa.

Taken to its extreme, the Obama Administration even claims authority to kill US citizens on US soil!

The unfolding situation in Libya is troubling, not only for the bloodletting and carnage that is taking place, but also because of the murkiness that surrounds the events themselves.

I have several observations and a few questions:

1.  The scenario of an anti-Islamic hate film triggering a protest that leads to violence replicates the events that took place in the initial uprising in Benghazi in early 2011.

At that time, the annual protest in Benghazi against the anti-Islamic Danish cartoons was taking place.

The march was infiltrated by persons with an agenda, who used the event as an opportunity to seize military equipment from the Jamahiriya government and use it against the Libyan population.

If it is known that Muslim protest on the streets can be touched off by attacking the Qur’an, then once again parties with another agenda can spark then infiltrate that protest and use it as cover.

It worked before to launch an entire chain of events in Libya, why not again? The reports on who created and financed the film are very muddled.

2.  Today, the Libyan/Al Qaeda/US/NATO/Israel government is bombing Sabha and the black Libyan Toubu people who constitute a stronghold of the vibrant Libyan resistance.

Interestingly, no R2P is being invoked to do so here, but could this be covertly directed against the Green Resistance (self-described as well financed and ready to fight to the last bullet, the last man, the last dollar)?

3.  A video is available of the 12 September attack on the US convoy that killed 2 US citizens and injured 14, indicating Day Two of an uprising/action.

4.  There are photos published today of US special ops forces landing in Libya.  If true, is this to counter the Green Resistance, or springboard into Egypt if need be, or worse? Foreign troops are in Libya already securing oil platforms.

What might this have to do with Iran?  Libyan oil was theorized to ensure oil to Europe in the case of a shutoff from Iran. Does this have anything to do with the impending Netanyahu visit to the US?


Former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney

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