Deng Wendi, Chinese good wife, gelivable

In the morning, the British Parliament questioned Murdoch and his son on “World News” eavesdropping scandal. A man suddenly spring up from the audience seats, holding a plate, across the person next to Murdoch, attacking Murdoch. Deng Wendi, Murdoch’s wife and seated behind him, quickly leaped, raising her hand ready to slap the attackers. Subsequently, police arrested the attacker.

This is already the world’ headlines, so we look at Chinese netizens’ reactions.

“庄春晖”: I admired her very much, the spice girl! It’s too hot, “up like a shot” to defend her husband!

“连岳”: Marry a Chinese girl, yes!

“中国网络传播学会”: Quick reaction, superb public relations crisis way.

“张欣”: Deng’s reaction is so quickly. She walks away as the only hero!

“稀土部队”: Generation of female master!

“林森-森泽”: Don’t like a woman too heavy scheming. Too much small smart but no great wisdom, Murdoch and the “World News” is likely to be destroyed in the hands of this woman.

“坚强的萱妈妈”: there always is a powerful woman behind every successful man.

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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