Democracy: The Most Dangerous Religion Another US Product to Boycott

Let’s Define Our Terms

This is a serious discussion, so let’s be sure we are on the same page by ensuring we apply the same meanings to our words.

“Democracy” is NOT government. It is not freedom, it is not human rights, it is not universal values, it is not free speech or free press. It is not capitalism or free markets. It is neither cabbage nor broccoli.

Democracy, the fervent “we’ll invade your country and kill half your people” American kind, is nothing more than religion-based politics.

Perfect Like Me

Let’s pretend for a moment we live in a normal world where people are not overcome by various political and religious ideologies.

Now let’s imagine that our national economy develops, our country becomes richer and we all have more free time.

American theology tells us that as we reach some arbitrary threshold of income security, or some pre-determined level of progress from apehood to civilisation, our “natural yearnings of all mankind” will magically blossom, giving rise to an irresistible desire for US-style ‘democracy’.

And that does NOT mean US-style Republican government; it means US-style multi-party politics. These two are unrelated.

This is a popular American mantra that sounds good but has no basis in reality – this conviction, however it’s stated, that when a people develop to some undefined but higher spiritual level, the laws of God and nature will release an inborn desire for multi-party politics.

According to these people, as we progress in our natural development toward American clones, we will experience a predetermined, perhaps genetic, impulse, to meddle in the national government of our country.

Religious Dogma Requires No Proof

Note that this theology doesn’t state that our interest in politics arises as we become more educated, experienced, or competent.

A basic tenet of this American religion is that as we develop spiritually and become sufficiently enlightened – in other words, when we become more like Americans – we will then want what they want.

On what do Americans justify such a conviction? They offer no rationale for their beliefs, and indeed none exists. There is no existing evidence of such a human state, and of course they offer none.

As with every religion, you must believe because you are told to believe.

My Way is The Only Way

This propaganda that so many Americans preach, is almost pathological in its religious fervor, and yet those same Americans appear totally blind to the immense failings of that same system in their own country.

This is what we call Jingoism – a blind and unquestioned belief that my country, my system, my everything, are the one way, the right way, the ONLY way.

American jingoism is a blind conviction that all living beings will gravitate by a natural law of the universe toward those values that Americans hold to be true.

What’s Mine is Yours

When writing of China, these same people tell us the Chinese haven’t yet wanted US-style multi-party politics because “their democratic yearnings have not yet developed.” What kind of nonsense is this?

If I’m not Muslim and my name isn’t Mohammed, that’s because my ‘Allah-yearnings’ have not developed? If I hate McDonald’s, that’s because my ‘hamburger-that-tastes-like-greasy-cardboard’ yearnings aren’t yet developed?

This mindless conviction makes no allowance for differences in culture or values of other nations, for their history or tradition, and indeed it disparages such differences and often treats them with open contempt.

To Americans, any rejection of their democratic religion on the basis of cultural or other values is just a cheap excuse to avoid the inevitable. And of course, the ‘inevitable’ is for all peoples to become American.

Actually, it’s a bit worse than that. No foreigners possess the spiritual gifts to become true Americans, even after centuries of colonisation.

The best you can hope for, is to become a kind of imperfect clone – not really white, not really American – but having adopted American values and therefore being suitable for colonisation.

I Want to Do a Brain Transplant

Surely this is just lunacy. It would make equally as much sense for me – once I become rich – to develop a magical yearning to go to the surgical ward and try my hand at a brain transplant, since I know as much about that as I do about government.

But why focus on government? Why not on the nation’s space program, or the country’s real estate developments? Or putting our noses into the nation’s educational system?

The answer is that most people are not so interested in any of these fields, and have no illusions about their knowledge and ability to contribute. And in fact, this is true of government as well – most people are simply not that interested.

But again, the attraction is not government; It is American faith-based politics. It is the ideological cleaving of society on the basis of some arcane theology, and then participating in a smian-Christian rite of conflict, competition and victory.

Again, American democracy is primitive religion, not government.

Let’s Go Shopping for a Government

One American was trying to convince some of my Chinese friends that Western-style democracy “gives you more choices”. Choices of what? Do you understand what that means?

He was equating the task of selecting the senior management of one of the largest and most important countries in the world, with buying shampoo in the supermarket. “I can give you more choices.”

The many senior officials of China’s government are the only people who truly and completely understand the challenges China faces, both from within and from without, and who know the kind and quality of people needed to guide the nation.

They are the only people who are competent to evaluate and judge those who are best suited to lead China through the next decades. Nobody outside of those central departments knows how to identify and select those who are capable of leading and protecting China.

China today has leaders of unmatched competence anywhere in the world, men and women who have devoted their lives to the difficult magic of making China a first-world country in only one or two generations, bringing this wonderful country to the international prominence it once had and will have again.

But Let’s Boycott the American Shops

And too many Americans, including all of the US government, would like very much to prevent this from happening because it is a challenge to their worldwide domination.

And so we have Americans like the one above, baiting naive citizens with vague temptations of freedoms and choices. But the only freedom these people want for China, is the freedom to be like them. To be another American colony like the UK or Japan.

The truth is democracies don’t need more people voting; they need less. And they don’t need more candidates without credentials, ability or experience; they need fewer of those too.

American Theology is Dangerous

I can scarcely imagine anything more dangerous to the well-being of a nation than millions of uninformed and inexperienced people suddenly wanting to get involved in something they know nothing about but on which the entire well-being of their nation depends.

The most dangerous, and frightening, part of this mindless infection is that Americans have blindly and foolishly included it as one of the 1,001 “rights” in their all-encompassing democratic theology.

That means it is not only my natural and irresistible, inborn human yearning, but part of my rights granted to me by my God, that I, hopelessly ignorant and inexperienced as I am, can now meddle in the government of my country.

And if that isn’t crazy, I don’t know what would be.

The American Way – What is Good for America is Good for the World 

Why do Americans so stubbornly assume their multi-party political system should be the world’s standard? There is no factual basis for such an ideological position, and their belief in it does not make it true.

It is astonishing, incredible, that so many Americans have elevated their private political ideology to the theological status of a “Universal Value and Human Right”.

Not only that, they appear fervently infused with a Christian charity that compels them to inflict this universal value on everyone else, using military force, if necessary.

What is behind this pathological tendency to meddle in the affairs of other countries, to presume to dictate what they should want, how they should think, what kind of government they should have, what their values should be?

What exactly is it about the US, that it cannot abide any country having a government system different from its own? The US is so terrified of Social Democracy that it finances brutal dictatorships to try to eliminate it.

The US used the CIA to subvert the government in Indonesia and install Suharto as dictator and, in the greatest mass slaughter in human history, the CIA organised and supervised the rounding up and hacking to death with machetes, of more than 3 million Indonesian peasants – because they were showing ‘Communist’ tendencies. What kind of insanity drives these people?

US fanaticism for inflicting democracy onto unwilling populations displays a frightening intolerance for opposition and an alarming willingness to use violence to impose their values on anyone weak enough to be overcome.

China must be strong to resist all of this, and it needs you.

My Fellow Americans 

There are so many of you who have no passport, have never even been out of your own state, who can’t even find your own country on a map of the world, who know almost nothing outside of your own home town, but who ‘know’ with a frightening religious conviction what every other country should do.

Where on earth did you get the idea that your way is the only way, that if only I could understand, I would want to be like you? Where did you get the idea that you are the end of evolution, the high point of civilisation? Have you any idea how arrogant and racist you are?

What is the source of your religious fanaticism that compels you to demand every other country follow your model, or be invaded? What is the source of this morally righteous conviction about ‘your way’? And why are you so obsessive about forcing it on everybody else even if (especially if) they don’t want it?

In fact, why do you have an opinion at all? China’s system of government is none of your damned business. China has your phone number. If the Chinese want your advice, I’m sure someone will call.



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