Carnage 53 Killed In Syria Courtesy of US Allies



While the US and its Western partners pretend to be engaged in a global war against terrorism, their terrorist allies in Syria have set off another car bomb, tellingly very close to the ruling Baath party offices and the Russian embassy.

Initial reports are that more than 50 have been killed by the terrorists, including many children attending a nearby school.

The Syrian rebels despise the Russians for refusing to provide them weapons and resisting US demands for regime change in Syria.

The rebels have long threatened to attack Russian interests in Syria.

No doubt this bombing against a government building will be blamed on the Syrian government in the Western media, adding to the phony UN body count.

As Sharmine Narwani points out in the Guardian, the organization that is responsible for compiling the “body count” in Syria is…surprise…funded by the US State Department!

Narwani quotes Megan Price, lead author of the UN’s casualty analysis project, admitting, “We were not asked to do verification of whether the casualties are real.”

Well, that’s helpful. Narwani’s analysis of the results is highly suggestive: the vast majority of those “killed by the regime” are in fact fighting age men — only 7.5 percent are female.

The numbers are cooked, however, to instigate for another “humanitarian intervention.”

It is a shameful day.

A day to remember the carnage and the horrors of war.

And to again redouble efforts against US interventionism.


By Daniel McAdams

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