Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail fails twice in three days


At 11 am, July 12, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway’s power supply equipment go wrong near Suzhou, Anhui province. After two hour’s repair, the problems were solved at 13 pm.

The power failure resulted in at least 11 trains arriving lately to Beijing South Railway Station, and three trains delayed departure from the Beijing South Railway Station.

The railway authorities apologized to the passengers for train’s delay.

This has been the second accident of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail since the line opened. The first one happened on July 10.

Many netizens described the accident on the microblog. “张作金” said at 11 am, yesterday, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail D182 train’s cable was burned in Suzhou. Spark flied from outside the window. The train was forced to stop in the scream.

“Onebowl” said that the train G14 slowly ran in speed of 30-45 km per hour after Pengbu, but over five minutes later, it remained at 75 km.

“钱麦斯” said “the order in the train is ok, the air conditioning is normal and the lights are powered.”

Mr. Li, a passenger of G14, said while the train was parking, the crew sent the lunch by a trolley. Some passengers said we should be provided free lunch for the train’s late. Flight attendant said she was sorry for it, but they didn’t have the requirement.

Source: Beijing News

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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