90% of central departments’ expenditure has been unpublished

The State Council called for 98 central departments to publish their three official expenditures about official expenses of going aboard on business, purchase of official vehicles and operating costs, and costs of official reception in the end of June, 2011. But 90% of central departments still have not released the expenses.

Recently, the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Civil Affairs and other departments has released the “three funding” costs one by one, following the Audit Commission’s detail bill.

Compared to the Audit Commission’s bill, the other departments’ bill were too rough to judge it’s reasonable or not. And, so far, most central government departments have not yet released their bills.

The Ministry of Culture announced that the 2011 budget of financial allocations is 36, 8869 million yuan, including going abroad (border) on business cost 17,0195,00 yuan, purchase of official vehicles and running costs 13,004,100 yuan and official hospitality cost 6,863,300 yuan. In 2010, the corresponding bill was 14,666,100 yuan, 12.9218 million and 6.3382 million yuan. The ministry said that the bill consist of other 28 departments directly under the Ministry of Culture.

The Ministry of Civil Affairs’ financial budget and expenditure allocation are nearly one-third of the Ministry of Culture.

The experts believe that the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Civil Affairs’ figures should be more detailed to make the public understand.

Source: Beijing Times

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

Ma Xin is an editor of M4.cn and can be reached at tomaxin@163.com.

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