Arab League, Syria, and Blatant Violations of International Law

Weekend Avisen – Danish Nation Wide Distributed Newspaper

Damascus – Monday, the Syrian Government rejected the decisions that were taken by the Ministerial Council of the Arab League (AL) as blatant intervention into the internal affairs of a sovereign state, blaming it for making decisions which lay outside an Arab Work Plan, a flagrant violation of the objectives for which the League of Arab Nations was established, and in particular, for being a violation of Article VIII of it´s Charter. (1)

Objectively spoken, the Syrian Government is perfectly right, and without an understanding of colonial history it might be surprised about the Arab League. An objective analysis of the functions of the Arab League however, reveals that the Arab League is approximately as much an Arab and Pan-Arabist Institution, as the African Union was maintaining Pan-African interests with respect to the crimes committed against Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast and Muammar Ghadafi in Libya.

Both the Arab League and the African Union are products of post Wold-War II colonial politics. The old colonial powers were economically and militarily depleted, and the maintenance of a traditional colonial administration had become to expensive, demanded non existent military manpower, had become to cumbersome and dangerous within a developing cold war. (2)

Like African Nations, the Arab Nations gained their independence, but the old colonial powers would return with a vengeance and modern instruments of social, economical, political and military control. As Pan-Arabic some of it´s prominent members may have been, and as Pan-Arabic the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and the Arab Bath Parties may be oriented, as much is the Arab League a function of European and Anglo-American modo-colonial control.

As understandable as the disappointment of Syrians, and the anger of the Syrian Government is, as little is it surprising that the Arab Leagues Ministerial Council conjured up decisions that are not only illegitimate, but opposed to Arab and National Sovereignty. 

War Crimes – Hanging of Saddam Hussein 

After the sanctions that murdered millions of Iraqis, two wars, and the murder of the Head of State, Saddam Hussein; Syria is the sole remaining Arab Nation that is consequently supportive of Palestine, consequently lobbying for a sovereign Arab Region.

Besides that, Syria and it´s government is committing a cohort of other mortal sins; that is, when seen from the perspective of the old colonial powers and a modo-colonial Euro-American perspective.

Syria is a close ally to the very Russia, which NATO has been encircling with military bases, missiles, anti-ballistic missiles, and against which a covert war is waged by proxy, from Georgia via Chechnya to the Chinese border. Besides this, Syria is a strategic ally to Iran.

An alliance that is based on the containment of Zionism and an aggressive Israeli ambition for a Greater Israel without Palestine, and an alliance with a Hezbollah that currently is more or less the sole guarantor against an Anglo-American take over of Lebanon as a function of Israels regional ambitions. 

Weekend Avisen – Danish Nation Wide Distributed Newspaper 

The fact that Western Media have long ago begun scripting populations in Western Countries into accepting, yes even demanding, that the President of Syria, Bashar Al-Assad be murdered in cold blood, lynched, is evident when recalling the image from the front page of Weekend Avisen, a Danish, Ad-Sponsored propaganda paper that is distributed nationwide, free of charge – of course. Al-Assad, with his head in the noose, accompanied by Darth Wader, evil incarnate, and a Dragon Tattoo.

Nazi Propagandists in Germany would have been more innovative. Danes are not exactly considered the brightest among Europeans, but their crude propaganda style is representative of what is conveyed throughout Europe and the US, often under the guise of human rights. “We must have him go the same way as Saddam”. What people in Europe are not told, is that it is for the very same reasons, and they are neither weapons of mass destruction nor oppression of the country´s citizens.

Are the decisions of the Arab Leagues Ministerial Council surprising ? Hardly so. Are they a gross violation of international law ? Yes of course, but we are obviously living in a world that is dominated by a State whose greatest cultural contributions to mankind are McDonalds, the Wild West, Lynch Mobs, and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

According to SyriaOnline, a spokesperson of the Syrian Government said, that the Ministerial Council should rather shoulder it´s responsibilities in halting the financing and arming of the terrorist groups which kill innocent Syrian civilians and attack the state´s facilities, and infrastructure, and to oppose the misleading media. (ibid.)

The fact that President Bashar Al-Assad and the Syrian Government have not long ago departed from diplomatic courtesy and parleur are a sign for the fact that the Syrian Government shows class in diplomatic affairs because “it can“. It´s an in an entirely different league than that of the Wild West Hillbilly Diplomacy of a Chairman of the US-Senates Armed Services Committee, who is publicly singing ” bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran “.

But then, neither a McCain nor an Obama have over 5.000 years of cultural history to represent, and neither do they represent their populations.

To voice my opinion as to what the Syrian government could do, and in “Style” , would be to declassify and publicize it´s evidence for US, European, and Arab neighbors criminal conspiracy to commit crimes against peace, to declassify and publicize it´s evidence for Saad Hariri involvement in financing and arming insurgents, the Turkish Governments complicity in providing training, arms, finance and political support for terrorists, the Saudi Ministry of Interiors complicity and financing of the Al-Qaeda associated Omar Brigade, the dirty laundry of Obama and his complicity with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, and a couple of other facts.

The world need facts, and Syria could deliver them with significantly more style than any of it´s Arab neighbors who long since have sold out on any Pan-Arabic ideals of sovereignty. If President Bashar Al-Assad is to be described as an Emperor, and compared to most of his Arab Colleagues, like those in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, I would say, “well, he´s wearing clothes, while others run around but naked, trying to impress their handlers and the world with a charade of being Arab. “

As to Syrian Reforms – The Syrian Government has recently declared a general amnesty, four political parties have been approved and can take part in the next elections. (3) One can hardly blame the Syrian Officials for not granting permissions to the Omar brigade or other Al-Qaeda like Intelligence Outfits who try to disguise as democrats.

Emergency laws have been canceled months ago. Did anyone say National Defense Authorization Act and killing ones own citizens in cold blood ? Letting them disappear without a trace ? Forever ?Right, that was in the Wild West – Capone Land and a President Barak Hussein Obama who says “yes we can kill our citizens and let them disappear” while he is grand standing about human rights in Syria. The Change he has brought about ?

The Constitution of the USA is hardly recognizable any longer and with respect to civil liberties and human rights not worth the paper it´s written on. That´s Change – belief it or not.

The decisions of the Ministerial Council of the Arab League are blatant in deed – One would be politically and historically naive to call them surprising.


Dr. Christof Lehmann



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