Amnesty and the NATO Cover-Up of War Crimes in Libya

Yesterday, on 19 March 2012, Amnesty International was calling on NATO to “investigate the killing of dozens of civilians during it`s air campaign last year and to provide reparations to the people affected”. Amnesty further stated that “adequate investigations must be carried out and full reparation provided to the victims and their families“.

NATO rebutted Amnesty International`s call for an investigation and compensation for the “dozens” of civilians, and in doing so, NATO has entered an elegant propaganda dance macabre. A propaganda dance macabre, designed to dominate and more importantly direct the public and political discourse away from the true dimensions and proportions of the war crimes that were committed under NATO command as well as command responsibility.

The “human rights organization” that is branding itself as “watchdog”  is obviously attempting to make even well intended humanitarian minded members of the worlds public belief, that NATO`s Operation Unified Protector, authorized by UNSC Resolution 1973 has resulted in 55 documented cases of named civilians, including 16 children and 14 women that were killed in air strikes in the capital Tripoli and the towns of Zliten, Majer, Sirte, and Brega.

The amnesty narrative must make the heart of every NATO propaganda expert jump faster. Possibly, Amnesty is positioning itself for a Nobel Peace Price, where it would be in perfect company with Barak Hussein Obama, Henry Kissinger and other humanitarian avatars. After all, Amnesty International USA has Suzanne Nossel at the helm. A Hilary Clinton aide for International Organizations Affairs.

Reality Amnesty-Style is depended on the all important methodology. With the correct methodology it is possible to reduce a genocide to 55 documented cases – and viola  an amazed misinformed public donates to Amnesty`s pacers, pads them on their back asking them to “keep up the good work“.

For those who would like to leave the Orwellian Matrix one may remember the following.

The NATO led assault on Tripoli started with the firing of over 100 Cruise Missiles into the densely populated Tripoli alone. Now imagine 100 Cruise Missiles fired into the city of Paris, London, New York and the carnage they would unleash. Can anyone in his right mind imagine that 100 Cruise Missiles dropped on Paris would result in 55 death, including 16 children and 14 women?

Or was it more likely that there was something terribly flawed with Amnesty`s methodology. Having the habit of answering rhetorical questions I would say yes, something is terribly flawed about Amnesty`s methodology, and nobody will make me belief that a well financed, well staffed, international organization as Amnesty International is not aware of the fact. So why, Amnesty ? Why, Suzanne Nozzel ?

Right – it`s all about methodology. Those who are to intimidated to “report” the murder on their families to Al Qaeda mercenaries who roam the streets, raping, plundering and murdering don`t exist. And where you don`t look you can`t find anything. Statistic is a great tool – and Amnesty is apt at using it.

The problem is, Amnesty has so good ties to the US Department of State and Main Stream Media that nobody who is asking all the right questions will get any air time or columns. Thus, tens of thousands disappear, and NATO can rejoice happily in it`s little public embarrassment about those 55 documented cases.

We may recall that the land assault on Tripoli – right, that one where Al Jazeera and other GCC and Western Media aired pictures of celebrating crowds on Tripoli`s Green Square, which later were proven to having been recorded in Doha, Qatar – let`s recall that that assault was initiated from the sea side, from NATO vessels, and that NATO`s Apache Helicopter Gunships and Jets were strifing the streets with heavy machine gun fire and Hellfire Missiles to pave the way for the advancing heroes of the Libyan Revolution.

First among those heroes, the NATO / MI6 Asset, known terrorist, and commander of the Al Qaeda associated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. Yes – the one Belhadj who is now commanding 18.000 Al Qaeda / NATO mercenaries to liberate Syrians to death.

We may recall the fact that even the Colonial Lap Dog of the E.U., the African Union`s Fact Finding Mission and subsequently the Pan African Parliament complained about the wide spread massacres and killings of black African Libyans and migrant workers, and the fact that entire villages and towns were ethnically cleansed. In Tawergha alone some 15.000 black Libyans are expected to having been massacred and the town that was previously populated by 20.000 people has literally ceased to exist.

We may recall the NATO cluster bombs and Fuel Gas Explosion Bombs that NATO used against the citizens of Bani Walid. Personally I recall A phone conversation with a Libyan medical doctor at the hospital in Sirte, reporting about hundreds of dead after just one NATO bombing raid.

NATO`s UN mandate according to UNSC resolution 1973 permitted one and only one military action, the enforcement of a so called “No Fly Zone” which was already sufficient to be a gross violation of the UN Charter and International Law. The enforcement of a no fly zone is always implemented by the bombing of a sovereign nations air force, radar and other military installations.

NATO would not have had to have command responsibility for the murder of over 100.000 Libyans for having committed a gross violation of international law.

Fact however is, that by deploying Special Forces who led the Libyan Al Qaeda Mercenaries under Belhadj, by importing foreing fighters from Mazar E-Sharif in Afghanistan, by coordinating NATO Special Forces operations with illegally deployed Qatari and Saudi troops who together with NATO attempted to bring some military raison into the headless assaults of the few Libyan fighters who actually fought at times other than for Al Jazeera appearances, NATO, and it`s political as well as military leadership took command responsibility upon them selves.  I could go on, but belief that I have made the point.

There is one word that is almost as terrifying for war criminals as the word “nationalize” is for globalist cartels. It is the word “command responsibility“, and according to international law, NATO and it`s political and military leadership has direct command responsibility for the murder of over 100.000 Libyans.

Who then, could be a better friend of NATO`s war criminals then, than a humanitarian “Watch Dog” who is telling the world about NATO`s horrendous crimes in 55 documented cases. 16 of them Children! 14 of them Women! How horrific, and someone should get a little slap over his little finger.

Methodology makes it possible.  You see, with the right methodology used, You don`t exist and if you don`t exist, you can be murdered with impunity.The root cause for the problem is systemic. There is in fact no organization that documents war crimes ion a prosecutable manner, and especially civilians are, de facto, in a state of legal limbo. Some of the systemic problems are:

The International Criminal Court is a U.N. body. The United Nations was in the case of Libya a waring party due to the fact that it passed UNSC resolution 1973-2011 on Libya, authorizing NATO to act on it`s behalf. Any subsequent war crime investigation about any war crimes committed in Libya would make the ICC not impartial and impeachable.

Some nations, like Spain, have implemented International Jurisdiction with respect to the most serious crimes recognized by mankind, including crimes against peace, war crimes, crimes against humanity, the crime of genocide, ethnic cleansing and other. Now imagine a citizen of Bani Walid, whose family has been decimated by NATO Cluster Bombs, whose house and business was devastated and ruined gather sufficient resources to plead to the State Prosecutor of Spain to take on his case.

The naked and saddening fact is, that You, I, and every citizen of this world is in fact without actual protection against war crimes by any law, or by any legal body, unless some nation is willing to take on the case; and, even if one should be so lucky to find the “mercy” of the one nation, NGO, or the other, who doubtlessly have their own motivations to engage in your case other than the fact that a crime has been committed, it is highly questionable that we will witness not politically biased kangaroo courts.  The Milosevic trial being but one prime example.

For the sake of humanity it would be high time to consider how to remedy the fact that all those who fall through the mesh of Amnesia International Style war crimes investigations can be murdered with impunity.

At closing, I wonder if Amnesty ever investigated how many Libyans were murdered alone during the one cluster bomb attack on the citizens of Bani Walid shown on the video below. You tube continued deleting and removing it. Amnesia International has most likely forgotten that it ever existed. Methodology makes it possible.

NATO deploys Cluster Bombs over Densely Populated are of Bani Walid.


Christof Lehmann


20.03.2012 – nsnbc

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