African Artists thrill international audience at Shanghai Expo

As the Shanghai Expo draws to a close at the end of October, people from various parts of the world may never forget the thrilling experience they are passing through in one of China’s most dynamic cities – Shanghai – with artists from Africa on ground to dance them to the tunes, sounds and rhythms from the continent.

The Artists-musicians came from all over African to spice the shows at the Expo ground. Among them is Tata Kinge from Cameroon. Kinge who is popularly known in Cameroon as Vio Vio is today one the most celebrated African musicians. True to his African roots, Kinge’s love for the African culture has literally transformed him into an international artists reverenced in many international circles as he spends time moving from one country to another in a bid to satisfy the insatiable desire of people around the world at a time when a growing interest and admiration for African music is gripping the international music scene.

Tata Kinge

Having successfully positioned himself as the King of Mount Cameroon Music, Tata Kinge says “I am very available to carry our cultures to the people of all nations. This in a way is my little means of saying thank you to mother Africa for raising me up into culturally conscious artist.”

Kinge’s invitation to perform at the Shanghai expo in one of the most celebrated countries in the world today – China, did not come as a surprise. The artist says, he had to turn down many invitations to perform in countries like the United States, Germany, Australia, Brazil and Egypt because he thinks the people of China at this point in time deserves to be showcased the traditional and cultural ties which exist between China and Africa.

“The Chinese are great people and China is a great nation too. I feel very comfortable performing in shows in China especially as the love for African music is growing in the country,” Kinge said.

Famous for many hit tracks he composed including Malachi II, and Cha Cha dance, the Cameroonian born artist-musician was a special guest-artist at a recent celebration that brought the First Lady of the Republic of Cameroon Chantal Biya, to a sea-side resort city – Limbe in Southwestern Cameroon. Kinge’s performance was thrilling and won the hearts of many music lovers.

In his short stay in China, Kinge is already being solicited for heart-breaking performances in cities around China, “but I’m not still very sure which invitation to accept because of my hands are very full at the moment – having to perform at the Shanghai expo almost everyday,” he said.

“But I think after the expo, my schedule will be more flexible and I intend coming back to this great country to honor those invitations I could not during the expo,” said Kinge.

Born of a humble family, Kinge holds high values for commitment, hard work and honesty.

“These are the qualities that give credibility to an artist, and maybe any human being. As an Artist, I have always promised by audience and promoters that I will remain a servant to them and I think I’m doing well honoring this promise,” he said.

“Cameroon is not only famous for its great football team, but also for good music!” some Chinese visitors to the Expo exclaimed during one of Tata Kinge’s performances at the Shanghai Expo.

Alex from the United Sates said “I’m not surprise at all that this artist from Africa is simply excellent. Africans have style, taste and splendor for good things,” as Kinge unleashed the hit tracks – Cha Cha in one his best selling Albums to audience in Shanghai.

Kinge is in the company of other African budding artists including Richard King, Donny Elwood, and Annie Anzouer.

About the Author: Manzie Vincent Doh is Assistant Editor at M4 Media Group in Beijing.

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