9/11 Twin Towers & The Pentegon vs America/Iran

The Star of David-Israel & Spoils from Plunder


Some insights into how the banks conspired to collapse the world economy re the 2008 recession, was a Giant Enron,the banking exec’s using a low interest rate home loans as the bait for ensnaring and trapping the middle class into too much debt that in the event of interest rates going up, the middle class disposable income would evaporate and collapse the world economy, thus when the FED increased the rates, the middle class disposable income shrunk, which saw business get less support and eventually lead to lay offs and eventually a 2008 wold wide recession , or at least set the stage for the mother of all recessions, far worse than the great depression, if the one world elitists are now able to get their way in having a war with Iran(per Daniel 8) or North Korea (per Daniel 11 or Revelation), if with Iran, will see Israel and Iran destroyed and oil prices shoot up and with a bad economic climate already, will collapse the world economy and sink us, and see nations easy pickings for coming under one central control eg the IMF. 

If it’s a war with North Korea, this will see America nuked and destroyed per revelation re Mystery Babylon obliterated, and this will also collapse the world economy, and no doubt if China is also hit over an above North Korea, we’ll drown re the economy. North Korea in isolation is very dangerous, and it’s long range ballistic missiles armed with Nuclear warheads are meant for America/Mystery Babylon. 

South Korea needs to entice North Korea through business and trade, this will give the South leverage for negotiations re nuclear disarmament, it’s ridiculous to tell North Korea to disarm and promise them security,with promises from America, that We, America and the West will look after them if they disarm, it’s an absolute joke, America, hijacked by the elite spews more lies and deceptions than what you hear on a Jerry Springer show, just look at Libya, they disarmed in exchange for America’s promises of security, and look what happened to them, bam, Gaddafi got hit and Libya over thrown, look at Sddan Hussein, he disarmed or halted his programme and bam, he got hanged. Saddam Hussein was contained and suffocating, and Saddam was a tyrant, but his regime was getting old, and the army was a joke, and henceforth no WMD’s found nor was it harbouring Taliban terrorists at the time of the invasion, but post the invasion lead by America and the UK, has resulted in a humanitarian disaster and it’s just absolute chaos on the ground and  it’s the poor Iraqi people who are now experiencing hell on earth, and it’s the American and Iraqi people who have to suffer untold miseries because of this war, while Bush and Blair have tea and cake, and with Blair now singing for another war against Iran, and at the same time saying how he regrets the loss of British/American/Iraqi lives, while doing business with JP Morgan, that is heavy into the One World corrupt agenda’s, it’s a absolute disgrace!!! 

Why is Blair not in Jail along with Bush, the cherry on top, Blair is now a middle east peace quartet official, it’s laughable, but not laughable at all, because we the people suffer from these wicked wars. with extremists getting more and more radical, our youth are very vulnerable and we need to guard them like never before, take charge of your kids, and don’t let them join the army, it’s a wicked evil thing, Jesus was a pacifist and so were all his disciples, as well as MAndela, Luther King, Ghandi all brought change with non violence, why shouldn’t we!!! 

Let me be clear, there are decent people in America, but America has been hijacked by the elite who have wicked evil agenda’s, so their lies and deceits and trickeries have become America’s lies, and it’s time for the American people to take back their nation by humbling themselves before the Lord Jesus and repenting from their greed that has allowed the elitists to hijack them, and then America will become a beautiful nation washed with the blood of Christ, and the middle class will be truly reflected by it’s leadership and will thrive and see the family unit strong and healthy again. 

I’m harsh here on America, because it’s important for Americans reading this to realise they been steered in the wrong direction and to see a war with Iran will be an Iraq a 1000 times worse and will collapse the world economy and see Israel destroyed along with Iran, millions of lives are at stake, and millions more post this war, as oil prices will cause hyper inflation and food prices will go up and many will be in the streets and starvation and famine, disease, pestilence everywhere, with it already having hit Northern Africa without this war, and the UN not able to offer adequate assistance, many are dying from malnutrition, post a war with Iran, the world over, will be a northern Africa!!! and I’m not exaggerating. 

The biggest question right now is during the election campaign we the people must ask, which candidate will bring the banking exec’s to book for their gross negligence and reckless home loan policies, and why the FED’s under Allan Greenspan allowed it get out of of control without sounding the alarm, not a peep has been brought to surface, it’s just deadly quiet not even the Auditors sounded the alarm, this was a giant Enron, the biggest bank robbery/ponzi scheme unknown to mankind. 

And it’s it’s high time we the 99% made it known and get these exec’s tried for PERJURY. They’ve already testified in the law courts of their innocence, but it’s obvious they were all lying to cover up their fraud. Not one candidate wants the FED’s regulated except Ron Paul. 

The banks need very strict regulations brought in, Madoff who pulled of the biggest ponzi scheme known to mankind, said he is relieved to actually have been caught and incarcerated because he’s no longer in control of his life, although he still has nightmares per ABC interview, i.e the greed and those banking elitists from JP Morgan supporting & pushing him, saw him loose control of himself, and that’s what’s happened to the banking exec’s, they’ve lost control of themselves and need to be incarcerated for their own and our protection, these elitists will think nothing of murdering anyone who wants to blow the whistle, two of the other cronies’ in the ponzi scheme were found dead from “suicide”. 

And where has all the money gone re the Banks that brought the recession, if u lend money from one bank to buy a house, it merely ends up in another bank for receipt of payment, so it simply sees the deck shuffled. even if it went to property tycoons, they still have to bank the money, then they can draw it and put it in a vault or wire it overseas etc unless paid for with bags of hot cash!! 

So why all the bank bailouts, who walked out with the full house, and where has the money been dumped!!! some was sent into Israeli bank accounts, but that’s only a portion, where’s the rest, in a couple of the elites personal vaults ? WE talking big, big MONEY, and it’s been siphoned out of the world economy, like what the Enron Exec’s did with fraudulent transactions, the wall street banking exec’s have done the same on wall street with the bundled home loan derivatives fees etc which amounted to fraud, some of them are now filthy rich, we talking billions of USD!!! and the property tycoons!!! 

I tried to check the FED’s balance sheet, to see how much USD was circulating in the American middle class economy before the recession and how much was afterwards, and see what’s the difference, and just by co-incidence this info is no longer shown and again just by co-incidence, since 2006, just before the interest rates were going to go up, to hatch the trap they set for us, once the middle class had been debt ensnared. this info is no longer made available !!!!! 

But if we try and calculate it to an approximate figure and if we look at the American bailout, the difference is approximately what saw the bailout or close, 700 billion USD for the banks, XXX billion for the auto industry etc, add to that the wall street profits in the boom years that was siphoned out via bonuses/fees, derivatives been bought at over inflated prices that later crashed = over a trillion US dollars, HUGE money !!!! 

So where is it, 300 billion was wired to Israel, so where’s the other 700 plus billion USD ???????? It has to be a in a vault, sounds ridiculous, but the fraudulent transactions actually went this high, it actually happened!!!!! 

We’ve been robbed by the rich for the rich to set another trap for us, gosh these traps just don’t stop!!! 

What’s the next trap !!!! The book of Daniel, ch 11, show us in the end times, the anti christ and a “small number of people” (the elite) pulling the strings for a war with America/Israel and Iran and then between the North/West block and it’s massive American and British navy vs the East/South block post a war with Iran or with Iran amidst this mess, thus making a World with a massive world war to set the stage for some rulers to make a peace deal, then this ruler(American president) is assassinated, and then the Anti Christ takes over and uses enormous amounts of money(“spoils from the plunder”) to share it with the people to flatter us and win our trust to support him for our own destruction, that’s what happens when you become to big for the Lord Jesus Christ, the devil takes over. 

How’s  that for u, a book written by a Jewish Prophet 2500 years ago, actually saw these intricate policital assinations, wars and manuveringsand the plunder been shared with the middle class to seduce us and flatter us to ensnare us with our own money that his banking exec’s fraudulently robbed from us. 

And Jamie Daimon of JP Morgan, has the cheek to say, he doesn’t know what the 99% are so upset with him and his elite for been very rich, can you believe this guy!!! You robbed us, that’s why !! u a crook!!! and u want war so u and the elite can set the next trap. 

What’s also worrying is, that we are now in that time, so the enemy will want to get Obama and Biden out, and his elite in, so there might be a shift to support republican candiates like Rommney or Gingrich or Sanatorum who are elledgedly in with these one world agenda’s and are all for covert operations against Iran that can or will lead to all out war, and they’ll elect a vice president who will be in strong relations with the Anti Christ, as the book of Daniel sees 2 leaders who bring these wars then make way for the anti Christ, then this next president (i.e if we count from now =two presidents down) with the 2nd getting assassinated, and in his place the Anti Christ , the standing Vice President takes over America as president and then uses Israel (“daughter of women”) for his war and peace propaganda as explained. 

The book of Daniel also says , these elite will try and change laws (the laws they will focus on will be to morph America and others into dictatorships, i/e laws attacking freedom of speech, the right to privacy, the government having the right to arrest anyone they deem a terrorist, e/g America wants to bring a law in place that allows the government to arrest anyone who is just suspected of been a terrorist, that’s martial law, something dictators do, I Hope everyone realises American Congress is under siege!!!!! why else would they try and bring a law in place that would turn America into a ugly dictatorship!! 

And Ginrich, Rommey and all the others have not as much made a sound about this corrupt law, except Ron Paul who has been bold enough to oppose it, and thank goodness Obama amended it to exclude American and legal foreign American citizens, otherwise it would’ve been tickets, and congress actually tried to push this through. 

This is seriously worrying, whose been held to ransom, whose been blackmailed, whose family members are taken hostage and held to blackmail to force the lawmakers, it gets worse !!! 

The pro Israel lobbies have been hijacked as well, as they were now trying to bring laws in place to prevent dialogue between the American President and its perceived enemy states, like Iran, when we all know, that dialogue is key to bring peace as we saw with Bill Clinton and Jiang Zemin and USA and China, dialogue is key to peace also USA and Russia, so the pro israel lobbies want the opposite that will see Israel in the process destroyed as well, America and Iran are the new twin towers, with Israel, (the star of David, the US Pentagon), and the boeings heading for them have been hijacked by the elite with every intention of crashing them to collapse the world economy and bring a world wide government!!!! 

Gingrich’s foreign policy advisors have a vested interest in the arms industry, and so we see Gingrich calling for covert operations, because if they can’t get  a war with overt strikes, as we the public oppose it, they want to try get in with covert strikes, watch two kids play fighting and how quickly it becomes an all out nasty, bloody mess. 

Our rights to privacy already gone, the government can tap your home if you are perceived to be a terrorist, if you think the watergate scandal was something, it’s nothing compared to what’s going on now, we’ve allowed the governments to pass laws that takes freedom and democracy to the cliff and strip us of our liberties!!!

So let’s pray the OWS protesters get more determined and focussed in their efforts, re the bankers must stand trial, and there must be  full accountability for all the money. The OWS movement must begin to pump and we need to all support it, its vital to stop the bankers from achieving their wicked agenda’s. 

The middle class home loan debt must get written off by 25-50 percent, this will automatically increase the middle class disposable income and bam we are out of this crazy recession!!!! 

The FED and the banks must have strict regulations re home loan policies and interest rates, and full disclosure of financial records including the FED’s. 

The laws allowing our homes and bedrooms to be tapped must be reversed, and no-one must be arrested and detained indefinitely without a trial, this is crazy. 

Only Ron Paul again, stands against these infringements on our privacy and freedom, the other candidates have yet again been dead quiet on these issues. 

We need to be totally against America or ISrael attacking Iran, whether it be overtly or covertly, only Ron Paul is against these strikes!!! 

We need to be humble and seek the Lord Jesus Christ with prayer and fastings, and pray for our nations under siege, and realize we need God now more than ever.


Adrian De Villiers <lionofjuda@live.com>

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