Zhengzhou resettlement households: We found the jerry-built project

July 17, Beijing-Changsha Expressway Project resettlement community’s eight buildings have begun to dismantle. These buildings have already been built.

Yesterday afternoon, the developer just submitted the compensation requirements to resettlement households. The representative of households said they first discovered the inferior brick, and nearly took a month to fight for their rights.

July 12, Henan Construction Quality Testing Center Station Co., Ltd. Issued the inspection report of the three building’s main structure. The report said that more than 90% of most walls’ area burst, and the highest one is 98%, seriously affecting the wall’s overall carrying capacity. The main reason of burst is substandard bricks, which seriously affect the safety of the main structure of the building.

According to the requirements of Zhengzhou Municipal Construction Committee, eight buildings will be removed within 15 days, and rebuild in August, submit the house to residents in next May.

However, according to Xinhua’s report, the supervisors first discovered the problem of the buildings on June 3.

No matter who is the first one discovered the quality of the buildings, but the results are in favor of residents.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily

Translated and edited by Ma Xin

Ma Xin is an editor of M4.cn and can be reached at tomaxin@163.com.

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