Xinjiang’s secretary of the Party Committee went to night market

Zhang Chunxian, the secretary of the Party Committee in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, went to Qiyi Star night market in Urumqi last night. In July 4th evening, Zhang talked with the common people and toast with them, wishing the people of all ethnic groups living better.

Night market is the favorite place where Urumqi citizen to go at night. Usually, it will be brightly, colorful snacks, and lively scene.

“How much is a bunch of barbecue? How much to sell each day? Is the booth fee high or not?” Zhang inquired a stallman with a sweet smile.

The stallman Ahemai(阿合买) told Zhang that since the night market opened in 2007, he has on business from Dabancheng town, and now will sell more than 1,000 strings, earn 400 yuan every night.

Then Zhang chattered with the crowed, sitting among them. To surprise, some people are from other parts of the country to meet their cyber-friends, such as Sichuan, Guangdong etc.

Zhang said “I invite you to eat the sheep skewers,” and handed the meats to the people. With the laughter, Zhuang raised the beer, toast with people for future.

Zhang and the crowed toast with futureZhang talked with Ahemai(阿合买)
Zhang chatter with the crowed


Zhang hoped the stallman have a good business
Zhang talked with the people



Translated and edited by Ma Xin

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