Xinhua launches oil information service center in oil city of Daqing

Xinhua News Agency on Tuesday held an inauguration ceremony for an oil and gas information service outlet in the city of Daqing in northeastern Heilongjiang Province.

The outlet, Xinhua (Daqing) International Petroleum Information Center, is established in cooperation with the government of oil-rich Daqing as an important part of Xinhua 08, an Internet-based financial information service platform of the news agency, said Long Xinnan, vice president of Xinhua.

Long said Xinhua would take advantage of the strong influence of Daqing in the oil industry to improve its oil information services through introducing over-the-counter (OTC) oil and gas quotations, oil and gas-related indices, global oil and gas data collecting and processing, rating service, and industrial forums and exhibitions.

Meanwhile, the cooperation between Xinhua and Daqing is of great significance in enhancing China’s influence on global oil market, Long said.

The establishment of the center will also improve China’s energy safety and promote integration among the country’s petroleum, financial and cultural industries, Long added.

Daqing Communist Party secretary Han Xuejian said the information center would help boost the economic and urban transformation of Daqing City and strengthen its core competitiveness.

A string of agreements between the center and its partners, including PetroChina Daqing Oilfield Co., JCACHE Financial Information Co., China Mobile Daqing Branch, and Northeast Petroleum University, were inked at the ceremony.

Also launched at the ceremony was the official website of the Xinhua (Daqing) International Petroleum Information Center,


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