Woe to those attacking Libya (Ma’an News Agency, Palestine)

We have been watching in live transmission western warplanes bombarding the capital of Libya.

The Iraqi experience taught us that colonial countries cared only about Iraqi oil. They destroyed Iraq, killing both Christians and Muslims, which should be a lesson for all those who try to be more American than the Americans. I needn’t remind them how Iraqi detainees were tortured physically and psychologically by US soldiers. After they finished with Iraqi oil and aroused disputes in every street and alley, the allies’ armies just disengaged, leaving the country devastated.

We must recall that a detention order was issued against the Sudanese president and southern Sudan is being fragmented to avoid implementation of that order. Let’s not forget that the US disengaged from Afghanistan after they secured their alleged democracy! Equally important, the late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat was oppressed, while all the leaders of the Arab world were afraid even to telephone him fearing that they might irritate former US President George W Bush and ex-Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Despite all of that, and despite the outcome of capitalist democracies in African countries, the hypocritical leaders of the Arab League — who face the White House in their prayers — hurry to summon the bear to the Arab field.

They seek help from the UN — the same UN that is ruled by the US and only a month ago vetoed a resolution condemning illegal Israeli settlement activities.

Another disappointment came when the respectable Muslim cleric Sheikh Yousif Al-Qaradawi legitimized and justified the US strikes against Libya taking us back to the indulgences of Middle Ages. I wonder how an elderly revered sheik like Al-Qaradawi dares to address such a nationalistic issue so easily. Is it possible that our sheik believes deep in his heart that the US will create democracy and human rights in Libya just as they did in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia? How dare he take this burden on his shoulders?

Is it unfortunate that when two Arab countries dispute, the weakest party seeks Israel’s support against the other. Will that be acceptable now that Al-Qaradawi has legitimized bombarding Libya?

The situation in the Arab world is miserable and shameful. We were destined to witness monarchies rebel against republics, to witness rich countries rebel against poorer countries, to witness an Arab country delegate an emir to Paris and volunteer to foot the bill for the attacks on Libya. Can anybody believe that Arab leaders rush to pay for each gunshot and missile fired at us after clerics legitimized shelling Tripoli?

In fact, the US economy is collapsing and US companies have sustained losses of billions of dollars from the earthquake in Japan. The euro is also staggering and Europe failed to help Greece. Yet all of a sudden they rush to help Libya!

The reason for this is clear. They want billions of dollars from rich Arab countries. They want to freeze the accounts of corrupt dictators because they want money and oil.

Thus, another Arab capital is being bombarded and another Arab leader will be killed live on air without any guarantees that Arab people will get any rights.

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