Who Really Funded the Black September Group that Killed Israeli Olympic Athletes?

Is it happening again? From Infowars, we learn that plans for an evacuation of London in the aftermath of a deadly terrorist attack have been discussed at length – and that the security company, G4S, might be in some sense an accomplice of any such potential attack.

Is this so far-fetched? Looking back using the facilities of the Internet, we begin to wonder if the most famous violence occurring at one of these international sporting events – the capture and killing of Olympic athletes by the Palestinian Black September group – might also have been a false flag of sorts.

The idea of violence at upcoming Olympic events in London seems far-fetched to be sure. But a whistleblower now identified as Ben Fellows went to work for G4S and what he found so disturbed him that he went public with his suspicions that G4S’s incompetence was paving the way for some sort of Olympic false-flag episode. This, he posited, would in turn justify further authoritarian crackdowns of the sort that the global elites specialize in.

While Fellows public suspicions are now well known though controversial, what may be less understood – given the mists of history that have now closed in around it – is that the terrible deaths of Israel Olympic athletes back in the early 1970s were perhaps, hypothetically anyway, the result of the same sort of machinations.

Those who run these sorts of events are not averse to using them generally for purposes of propaganda. Most recently, the UEFA which helped produce the just-completed European Football (soccer) championship was caught using prerecorded scenes that were then placed within the “live” coverage.

One of the images in question – a video clip actually – was of a female German fan wiping her eyes as the German side was apparently going down to defeat after football striker Mario Balotelli scored a second goal in a 2-1 defeat to Italy late last week.

In fact, the woman in question had become emotional during the pre-game German anthem, according to German broadcaster ARD. The interpolation was discovered because the woman’s friends began to call and ask her why she was crying when the Germans still had an hour to strike back.

While those producing the program may have gotten into trouble, manipulating emotions is one of the big reasons for these global games. Whether it is the Olympics or other international events, the point is to remind people that they are patriots first and human beings second.

Watch the elaborate pageantry and it is easy to see the way emotions are provoked. Global elites are obsessed with reminding people that they belong to larger organizations and should band together for the greater good.

In fact, all humans are genetically predisposed to favor group identities. It is part of a larger clan and tribe instinct. Way back when, people probably didn’t last too long on their own, especially women and children.

The global elites play on this instinct in every way possible. People can only relate to about 150 others at any one time so obviously the tribal instinct was meant to reinforce “extended families” – the natural order of things for thousands of years. But in the modern era, global elites manipulate this instinct to ensure that people bond with Leviathan whenever possible.

Government is at the heart of the global elites larger manipulation, and its ability to retain power as well. This is really the reason people are bombarded by costly nationalist and even global spectacles with increasing frequency.

The stronger the government, the better, as elites operate behind the scenes using the awesome power of legislative force. The more people are bonded to government and nation-states the better. Again, it reinforces the credibility of those who use the tools of government to their own advantage – and to build what will eventually become a formal global government.

The manipulation of the crying woman was a tiny incident in the scheme of things, but the growing awareness of how the global elites operate has led many involved with the alternative media to conclude that there are much larger manipulations.

The biggest of these manipulations involve war and violence generally – false flags instigated by the global elites to promote increased authoritarianism and other forms of state bonding.

One of the most horrific incidents of violence having to do with international games occurred back in the 1970s when the Palestinian terrorist group Black September kidnapped Israeli athletes during the Olympic games as a deadly protest. None of the athletes survived and five of the eight kidnappers were shot dead.

In the aftermath, numerous European countries formed elite “special forces” groups to deal with “terrorists” including the Germans that had hitherto taken an especially pacifistic stance. This was the blowback, then: More authoritarianism, and a breaking down of German post-war reluctance to military policing.

The suspicion that CIA funding was involved directly or indirectly with these terrible activities comes from numerous credible Internet reports involving CIA and Western funding of the Palestinian cause generally. Much recent revisionist, ‘Net based reporting has tended to confirm that Yasir Arafat himself was behind the founding of Black September to create plausible “deniability” for its worst acts of terror.

According to recent reports, not only was Arafat himself involved with Black September, but the CIA itself around that time was busy secretly building a relationship with the PLO. This was reported by John Loftus and Mark Arrons in their 1997 book, The Secret War Against the Jews (St. Martin’s Griffin) and rereported as follows at Wikipedia:

Between the 1970s and 1980s, the CIA forged a relationship with individual members of the Palestine `Liberation Organization. The CIA secretly brought Hanan Ashrawi, Hanna Seniora, Saeb Erakat, and Sari Nusseibeh to the United States for intensive briefings on integrating their politics with the United States … The CIA encouraged attacks on non-civilian targets in Israel.

It is well known that CIA and European funds flowed to Arafat on a regular basis. Is it possible that the CIA knew of plans for an Olympic massacre and looked the other way? Is it possible that something was known but that the outcome – additional anti-terror units formed by governments around Europe and in Germany was simply too tempting for American Intel to act on any information they might have had?

A big Hollywood movie, “Munich,” directed by Steven Spielberg was made about the attacks not long ago. Movies such as these often support certain elite propagandistic points – in this case how horrible terrorism was in particular and the PLO in general. They are sometimes an indication of elite planning and general involvement.

Given the suspicions about what happened way back in 1972 and the possible involvement or at least funding of such terrible events by Western Intel, is the idea of a further false flag such an extraordinary supposition?

One of the main things that electronic information has made clear is that the elites that operate these intelligence agencies (not just the CIA) have created them for specific and often malignant purposes. Could we find this out once more during the London Olympics?


A.M. Freyed, Infowars.com


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