Who is Isolated? Putin/Russia or Obama/US

One-Pager on Latest Developments in Russia

NOTE: When I began these Sitreps 15 years ago, the idea was one page every week and I managed 40+ a year for years. But, some years ago I began to have trouble filling a page every week and shifted to every two weeks. In short, as Russia became more normal, it became less exciting. And, you may find it strange, but this is still the case: the big stories today are the Ukraine catastrophe, the West’s war against Russia and the Russian/Chinese response. But these are slow changing and every two weeks is frequent enough.

I haven’t been very regular because keeping a schedule is easier when working than in retirement. So, if I disappear from the aether, eg only three in the last two months, it’s not because I have stopped, but because greater leisure allows more travelling.

I am also doing much writing for Russia Insider: I am comfortably off so, pace Dr Johnson, I can write for page views.


RUSSIA ISOLATED? Not at APEC – here’s the thousand word photo. And not at G20 either – BRICS had a happy meeting. The West and its tame media is seriously deluding itself with this Russia is isolated stuff.



NEW NWO. Russia bought 55 tonnes of gold in the last quarter. What’s that mean?

Here’s a theory. (Ukraine’s gold, on the other hand, is almost all gone.)

Meanwhile, an arms sale to ChinaSberbank offers YuansAnother huge gas dealIncreasing military cooperation. India-ChinaNew financial instrumentsPetrodollar. Russia-Pakistan. It marches. Who thought Ukraine would be so important?

NUKES. Russia has them; they work: Bulava, Topol and Sineva. Meanwhile, in the USA not so much.

NONSENSE. It’s never easy to pick the most idiotic anti-Russian rant but here’s the latest: “Putin’s Russia is one of the most loathsomely misogynistic countries in the world”.

Fact: Russia has more women in senior management than any one else.

But, it’s Russia, what do facts have to do with it?

RUBLE. Has fallen quite a lot against the USD (but so have most other currencies). Here’s an analysis of the pros and cons. But the ruble price of oil is about the same.

SANCTIONS. They’re hurting Russia, but Europe more. Industrial production continues to rise in Russia but inflation is too. In Europe industrial production is down.

Remember, it’s not that Russia was such a big market for the EU but that it was about the only one that was growing: Russia can substitute; the EU cannot. So why is Europe ruining itself in such a questionable cause?

RUSSIA A GOOD INVESTMENT? The famous Jim Rogers thinks so.

Give it a read, he’s made a lot of money going against the common view.

POROSHENKO GIVES THE GAME AWAY. Watch this short video: “Their children will hole up in basements”.

Why would they be in basements?

Because his government is shelling them, that’s why.

Even Human Rights Watch has stopped pretending they don’t know who’s firing the artillery into civilian areas in east Ukraine.

That’s what the West is supporting.

But Putin has drawn the line. “Today there is fighting in eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian central authorities have sent the armed forces there and they even use ballistic missiles.

Does anybody speak about it? Not a single word.

And what does it mean?

What does it tell us?

This points to the fact, that you want the Ukrainian central authorities to annihilate everyone there, all of their political foes and opponents. Is that what you want? We certainly don’t.

And we won’t let it happen.”

GORBACHEV. The West is not pleased: in Berlin for the celebrations, he bluntly said the world was on the edge of a new Cold War, and they should listen to what Putin said at Valdai. A

nd he supports Putin and the annexation of Crimea.

MH17. A Russian TV channel published, with great excitement, a photo showing a fighter plane firing.

One Russian says the photo is fake; another says it isn’t. (In Russian, but you’ll get the idea).

For what it’s worth, the US State Department’s files were just hacked. I don’t know; you decide.

Unfortunately (and maybe not by accident) this has obscured more radar evidence of military aircraft near it. (For those who think it’s open and shut, go to 6:11 on this CBC interview with one of the first OSCE people on the scene: you may be surprised at what you hear).

But the fix may already be in with a secrecy agreement.

RUSSIA INVADES UKRAINE! Someone added them up: 26 breathless headlines since February. And not a smidgeon of evidence. “If Russia had invaded, you wouldn’t have to ask; if you have to ask, it hasn’t.” Help, supplies, advice, very possible; formed combat units, no.

If, however, the US arms Kiev as McCain wants, then weapons will flow from Russia. But no “invasion” because the Donbass militias don’t need them: where they get weapons, their best weapons, how they win.

The result (VERY gruesome).

RUSSIAN INCURSIONS. Much about Russian ship and aircraft activity.

This is never mentioned: “In recent months, the number of NATO jets in the skies over our Eastern Allies has increased five times. We have deployed more ships in the Baltic and the Black Sea. And this year, we are conducting over 200 NATO and national exercises in Europe.

What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. And then, some “Russian” aircraft in Sweden turn out to be French or American.

War propaganda.



Patrick Armstrong, Russia Insider






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  1. Russia has my support if it so decides, to invade the Ukraine and take it all! The US cannot be allowed to just terrorise whoever they choose, and either “a” country or “group” of countries NEED to put a stop to this! I commend both China and Russia for attempting this, for we are all doomed otherwise for at least the next 100yrs!

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