What You Can’t Be Told, Turkey and the Deep State


The idea that Russia has rigged an American presidential election and that Donald Trump is a Russian spy is an interesting story but it is just that, a wild story. Problem is, that story has an author, who paid millions to blame Russia and throw America and the world into turmoil and chaos.

We will now tell that story.

Putting highly classified and actionable intelligence “out there” is high risk for a variety of reasons. To the casual reader, non-internet reality challenges the fabricated narratives so many have tied their emotional lives to, stories scripted for them to enfeeble and deter.

Without wasting time, I will tell a tale of Turkey and, in the process, pretend I am clever and disguise highly classified intelligence in hopes that understanding of what “deep state politics” really is, almost the direct opposite of what most are told, will “make a difference. We proceed.

A few years ago we were all talking about Turkey and Erdogan as being the “New Ottoman Empire.” We were right then but stopped, we burned out the idea, ran to something else, and forgot what we had learned through hard lessons of observing Erdogan’s betrayals.

Turkey is back to the its old Ottoman self, and Ottoman Turkey had one enemy above all, that that was Imperial Russia. Now the new Czar is Putin, the Imperial Russian flag is back, the Russian people are back and “in the game” and the old rivalries are alive and well.

The story all really begins, or at least this part of it, with the conquest of Ukraine by ultra-nationalists, part of the now obvious populist revolt in both America and Europe. When we look at Gert Wilders in Netherlands, or the junta in Poland or Nigel Farage’s Britain, we are seeing intelligence agencies, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, orchestrating the collapse of NATO and the EU, and the creation of a disinterested America.

This is buying power “on the cheap, “cheap politicians, cheap “populist” ideas, all on the make, on the take, long personal histories of looking out for “number one,” corruption, selfishness and lying.

Yes, we have described Donald Trump as well.

First we need to understand the real power of lobbying in Washington. Turkey went into Washington in a big way in 1915, yes a century ago, when the slaughter of the Armenian people threatened to bring an America ready to fight Germany into a war with Ottoman Turkey as well.

Turkey bought newspapers, politicians and anyone with a price tag on them in DC, and has kept that up until even now. Activist and author Sibel Edmonds knows this well as a former FBI translator. She stumbled on the massive Turkish spy rings in Washington and was silenced by the Bush administration for years.

Similarly, VT’s Gwyneth Todd, former National Security Council member and White House advisor on Turkey tells a similar tale, Turkey is powerful in Washington and when many talk about “the lobby,” it isn’t Israel but Turkey or maybe Saudi Arabia.

This is where we enter new “high risk” territory. We now have reason to believe that the overthrow of Ukraine, combined with the populist or “neo-Nazi” movements across Europe were funded by Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

What we have learned is this; those attempts to blame “George Soros” or “Hillary Clinton” for the Kiev military coup were financed by Turkish and Saudi intelligence, working through their network of agents, some within government, some within security agencies and the “owned” fake news media. Working with Turkey on this project was Fox News, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp aided by Breitbart and a bevy of Washington think tanks, all paid by the Turkish spy agencies as well.

During the second week of March, 2016, TV personality Sean Hannity made an “emergency appeal” to President Trump on the Fox Network. He demanded that Trump fire all US attorney’s left over from the Obama presidency even those such as Preet Bharara, who Trump had asked to stay on.

We now learn that Bharara was investigating Fox News and was ready to issue an indictment against Sean Hannity for working for the Turkish government as a foreign agent.

It goes further, dangerously further. This is what we learned. We have been told by high level informants within the Washington intelligence community that, under President Obama, Turkey “bought their way into” America’s intelligence system.

Only two weeks ago, we learned that former National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn, fired for “talking to Russia and lying about it,” had actually been working for Turkey. Flynn and his son, just registered as Turkish agents, admitting they worked for Turkey all along, and were paid $530,000.

We now learn more. Flynn and his son were responsible, working with Sean Hannity of Fox News, for a vast plan of deception and propaganda on behalf of Turkey to blame the Russian government for rigging the American presidential election.

We now know that much of the corruption accusations against Hillary Clinton were created as part of a subterfuge for two reasons:

To blame Hillary Clinton and “George Soros” for Turkey’s destabilization of Ukraine and their role in staging the coup, aided by Saudi Arabia and ultra-nationalist forces in Poland that hate Russia. They were going to take Crimea, cut Russia out of the Black Sea and crippled Russia’s defense industries, dependent on Ukrainian components.

To put Donald Trump in office with his long partnership with anti-Russian oligarchs and his participation in Turkish run sexual blackmail schemes run by Jeffrey Epstein, which yielded a wealth of power and influence over governments, media and financial institutions.

Turkey saw its opening after 9/11. The Bush administration, partnering with oil barons like Tillerson at Exxon, now Secretary of State under Trump, if you can believe it, sought to not just control Middle East oil but steal billions in oil and, combined with their newfound heroin franchise in Afghanistan and $3 trillion stolen from the US Department of Defense, to finance a “new world order.”

While the Bush amateurs stumbled around, getting advice from Israel’s Netanyahu, who played them like a “cheap fiddle,” Turkey moved in. Turkey made billions on their cut from stolen Kirkuk oil from Iraq and billions more on Afghan opium as well. Turkey had always been the heroin processing center of the world.

Afghanistan took that over for a while, though Turkey had grown fat in the interim processing CIA opium from Afghanistan. Now Turkey is back in the saddle, while heroin processors in Afghanistan are being dismembered, a failed CIA franchise, now back home in Turkey.

This money and power brought Turkey to the forefront, their membership in NATO gave them position, their denial of membership in the EU made them resentful and made them want revenge.

Turkey had long been allied with Israel, enjoying Israel’s military technology and a common interest that dated back to as early as 1376, when Jews fled Hungary long prior to the Turks taking Constantinople.

Ottoman Turkey was always run by Jews and was important to the survival of the Jewish people. That friendship continues covertly as does the Israeli partnership with Saudi Arabia, but no longer tied to survival for the Jewish people but rather to promote chaos, support terrorism and, above all, destroy Russia.

Where Bolshevik Russia was a home to Jews, despite Western propaganda to the contrary, the new Russia is a strongly Christian state and though Jews are not persecuted, the Christian religion is the official religion of Russia and is promoted by the state and its leaders. Above all, President Putin is a devout Christian.

Thus, we have Turkey now active in Kosovo, training their newly “NATO authorized” standing army, Turkey is in Macedonia, practically running that nation as well and using it to destabilize Greece and Turkey is in Ukraine, working with ultra-nationalists, planning war on Crimea and Donbass.

Turkey is also busy in the French and Dutch elections, funding ultra-nationalists or “populists” there while preparing to unleash a new mass exodus of refugees.

All the while carefully orchestrated terror attacks go on and we can only guess who is behind those, attacks at shopping malls, school shootings, suicide bombings, the telltale story of Saudi Wahhbists beliefs and their participation in Turkey’s move into Europe.

Back in the US, we take the clock to 2013. General Michael Flynn took over the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2012 under President Obama. By 2014, Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. asked for Flynn’s resignation. At the time few knew why.

We believe Flynn was discovered to be working for Turkey even then. It wasn’t just the DIA, the Turks had bought their way into the CIA as well and just perhaps everyplace else as well. This is Washington where the only honest workers are the prostitutes.

The huge covert program to arm Ukraine turned into something else. Partners in Ukraine grew rich transshipping new American weapons systems to ISIS and al Nusra in Syria, offloading from Romania or at Poti, in Georgia, and trucking across Turkey into Syria.

The reverse trade brought oil into Turkey, truckloads of antiquities for the auction houses of Europe and thousands of trafficked women and children. Turkey looted Syria, factories, banks, everything they could move or unbolt, everything they could dig up or harvest, all was stolen and all is still being stolen.

Helping them then, helping ISIS, helping al Nusra, aided by Saudi cash and the Turkish state was the CIA, and the Defense Intelligence Agency, aided by rogue officers in the Pentagon.

When Iraq tells of US helicopters supplying ISIS or of ISIS leaders being evacuated, is it the CIA or General Flynn’s organizations doing it? Was Flynn on the Turkish payroll in 2012 and if they bought Flynn, who else did they get as well?

When Flynn visited Moscow in 2015 and attended the Russia Today gala, where Flynn told his hosts how he would stand by Russia, how he supported them in Syria, how many knew that he was on the payroll of Turkish intelligence?

How many understand history is repeated itself?


Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”



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