WFTU Extends Solidarity with the Greek People

The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) expresses its international Solidarity with the Working Class and the People of Greece who suffer under difficult conditions because:

– The last days thousands of workers have been dismissed from work.
– Many employers impose lock outs.
– Public hospitals are facing shortages medicines and medical material.
– Many capitalists are denying to pay the working people their salaries. Other companies are closing down.
– The State denies to pay the pensions to the pensioners. It is only giving them a small part.
– The dignity of the working people is under attack running to Gas stations and Super-Markets etc.
– Banks are closed.

The current developments in Greece prove that the European Union is a union serving the interests of the multinationals and the bourgeoisie. The same is the case for the IMF and the European Central Bank.

The current situation also proves that the coalition Government of SYRIZA together with the ultrarightwing ANEL neither wants nor can provide solutions in favor of the working people.

Both Troika and the Government of Greece in their own way are proposing an anti-peoples memorandum. The memorandum proposed by Troika contains measures that attack the workers’ rights worth 8.5 billion euro while the memorandum proposed by the Greek Government contains anti-labor measures worth 8 billion euro.

Both sides propose:
– Generalized privatizations
– Increases in taxation in burden of the ordinary people.
– Increase of V.A.T which is indirect taxation.
– Further decrease of pensions.
– Increase in the retirement age.
– Revaluation, Price-Hike in basic items.

The World Federation of Trade Unions underlines that the Imperialists and the transnational corporations are utilizing the capitalist crisis in Greece to promote their own geostrategic plots.

To win over new markets, new “satellites” new larger profits. These inter-imperialist competitions are continuously intensified and the dangers for regional as well as generalized conflicts are increased.

The developments in Greece come to uncover the big words of SYRIZA, that they would supposedly build a “new architecture” in the EU, that there are “healthy” capitalists, that Tsipras would transform the EU from a union of capitalists into a union of democracy… They were mere words, aiming to the entrapment of the workers.


In front of this difficult situation for the Greek People, the WFTU supports the proposals of PAME which has been on the frontline of the workers struggle. We support the efforts of PAME calling the working people in Greece to vote at the Referendum:

NO to the Memorandum of Troika – NO to the Memorandum of SYRIZA

Exposing the imperialist character of the EU and the responsibilities of all political parties who consider the EU as the only choice and calling the working people in Greece to build their own peoples social alliance and struggle for a society without capitalist exploitation.


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