WHEN and HOW Will All This YANKEE INSANITY END? How Many Abuses and How Much More Pain We Have to Bear?

“We’ve Been Taken Hostage by the Yankees”

When and how will all this Yankee insanity end?

How many abuses and how much more pain will we have to bear?



What happened to President Evo Morales on his return flight from Moscow to Bolivia is mind-boggling to us because of the specific details of this new imperialist intrigue.

It is not surprising, though, given the permanent and unjustified aggression of the United States of America against the peoples of the world.

This aggression is the rule, not the exception, of the conduct of this country, its armed forces and its intelligence agencies.

What is obvious in this case, in which Evo is a central figure, is that this imperialist power seems to have a limitless ability to act with impunity, violating every international treaty and using third party countries as puppets.

Regarding this serious incident against Evo, we can read between the lines.

Indeed, not only was the Bolivian president the hostage of American abuse and misconduct for more than half a day, but we all were.

The whole of mankind has become a hostage to constantly erupting interventionist policies that virulently and aggressively — and with a vile disregard for all of our principles of coexistence — tear apart human lives, human rights and national sovereignty.



Campesinos bolivianos protestan y exigen …


This imperialist frenzy appears to have run amok and Obama is just a figurehead.

More so than any president in U.S. history, and like no other Yankee chief executive we can remember, he is beholden to the military-industrial complex.

The fact that this world power is so anxious and is acting so immorally just because one of its intelligence operatives has turned on them not only shows that it is breaking down, but it also augurs new evils, new interventions and new calamities for humanity.

Since Sept. 11, 2001, the United States of America, Yankee-land, has clearly entered a period of self-proclaimed victimhood, which has been legitimized by a chorus of allies around the world and which has served as a springboard for its scandalous impunity.

Predicting how this will end is unthinkable.

There is no longer any doubt that the unilateral declaration of “war against terrorism” that led it to invade Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya — causing hundreds of civilian casualties — was a display of crocodile tears, a cover to go after oil.

U.S. capitalism has always invented wars for oil (such as our Chaco War).*

It has killed and it will continue to kill.





Faced with the world’s greatest superpower and a demobilized, drugged-up world, some senseless people consider this maelstrom of terror and lunacy to be normal, but now, denunciations of global espionage, a war by other means, have arisen within the belly of the beast.

When and how will all this Yankee insanity end?

How many abuses and how much more pain will we have to bear?

Today is July 4, and the world should at least reflect on it.





By Pablo Cingolani, Bolpress, Bolivia


Translated By Slava Osowska

Edited by Keith Armstrong


*Editor’s note: The Chaco War was a war fought between Bolivia and Paraguay from 1932 to 1935 over a territory believed to be rich in oil. The war’s roots are often traced to a conflict between Standard Oil and Royal Dutch Shell.




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