Western NGOs, like Denmark’s IBIS, Work for the Interests of US/NATO in Nicaragua and Other Latin American Nations

“IBIS” conspires against Latin Americans: “IBIS” plays the “human face” of the DENMARK of ex-NATO Secretary-General ANDERS FOGH RASMUSSEN

The U.S. Embassy in Nicaragua has signaled to the “international media” that: “It is concerned about a proposed inter-oceanic canal across Nicaragua”, citing “environmental” considerations.

That is the same U.S. Dept. Of State that “de facto” has agreed to the controversial but by U.S. Congress favored Keystone XL tar-oilcrude pipeline, 2,661 km/1,700 miles from Canada across heartland America and its largest 450,000 km2 water aquifer. The Nicaragua canal would be 278 km/172 miles.

Denmark’s NGOs “IBIS” is the lead foreign geopolitical intervention operation in Nicaragua. Its mission is to secure Nicaragua for U.S. and NATO control. In 2015 thousands of European NGO “activists” are the new geopolitical “Contras” in all Latin America because they arouse no suspicion.

Follow the money: “IBIS” operations against Nicaragua are financed via the governments of Germany and Finland, and the off-shore banking countries Netherlands, Switzerland and Luxemburg, and unknown sources in Denmark.

“IBIS”(aka IBISCA) channels the funds through its own fronts – “Fondo de Gobernabilidad” and “Centro Alexander von Humboldt” to local Nicaraguan NGOs and “groups” which “IBIS” agents manipulate, lead or influence: Including CENIDH, CEDEHCA, EDUQUEMOS, FUNDACIO LUCIERNAGA, IDEUCA, INSFOP, URACCAN, CCLPDL, CEDJUDCHAN, Gob.Terr.

Rana y Kriol, and the “Cocibolca” protest movement against the inter-oceanic canal which has been associated with violent reaction against the national development plan for the inter-oceanic canal, similar to “IBIS” instigated violent reaction against the “Tipnis” national development project in Bolivia which resulted in the expulsion of “IBIS” from Bolivia – a nation with an elected indigenous (Aymara) president and 60+% indigenous population.

The Danish NGO “IBIS” has been expelled in 2013 from Bolivia for conspiracy that produced violent destabilization operations. NGO “IBIS” is now behind the conspiracy to violently destabilize Nicaragua by using the canal project as pretext.

“IBIS” real modus operandi in Nicaragua: Isolate indigenous and ethnic groups to establish “IBIS” as their representative against the national government and infiltrate poor urban centers to establish “IBIS” as representative against the national police.

The new “CONTRAS” of 2015 do not operate in camouflage uniforms and come from Miami: In 2015 they subvert as “activists” of NGOs and come from NATO-countries!

The NGOs of NATO-countries donate millions to developing nations but cost billions in sabotaged national development!

2015 seems to start as a “bad year” for DENMARK in LATIN AMERICA and in the CARIBBEAN. In 2014 DENMARK’S NGO ‘IBIS’ may have been expelled from BOLIVIA due to subversion against the development policies of the elected national government.

In December 2014 DENMARK’S NGO ‘IBIS’ appears subverting in NICARAGUA as the most aggressive foreign intervention operation against the national project of NICARAGUA: The inter-oceanic-canal.

The overwhelming number of Nicaraguans support this national project, including private industry and labor unions. Nicaragua with a population of 6.2 million and per capita income of less then $ 3,000 per year , needs to feed and employ an additional 100,000 people each year until 2020.

Virtually all nations in LATIN AMERICA and in the CARIBBEAN support the project. Who is against the project? The NGOs of the USA and of NATO-countries in Europe!

The over half a billion citizens of LATIN AMERICA and the CARIBBEAN need now to be alerted about DENMARK’S operations in NICARAGUA : “IBIS” plays the “human face” of the DENMARK of ex-NATO Secretary-General ANDERS FOGH RASMUSSEN, the DENMARK which joined the attack of the U.S. “Bush-Administration” against Iraq in 2003, the DENMARK that continues to occupy GREENLAND although the native INUIT want independence and their own nation!

The U.S-DENMARK-CANADA NATO AIRBASE in GREENLAND receives about one thousand NATO military flights per year ! In 1953, the native INUIT had been expelled by DENMARK and the U.S. from the Thule region of GREENLAND.

The people in LATIN AMERICA, the CARIBBEAN, and AFRICA need to claim reparations for the estimated 100,000 Africans who had been brought by DANISH SLAVERS from AFRICA to the CARIBBEAN.

Later the descendants of some of those AFRICANS were deported by the BRITISH from CARIBBEAN islands to the coast of NICARAGUA, HONDURAS, BELIZE AND GUATEMALA. DENMARK exploited in the DANISH VIRGIN ISLANDS the slaves its own slave-ships had brought from AFRICA.

Considering the economic cost of nurturing 100,000 people to maturity and the subsequent economic contribution lost to AFRICA, in 2015 DENMARK should pay between $ 50 billion and $100 billion in reparations to AFRICA and an additional billions to the descendants of Africans that were brought by DENMARK’S slavers to the AMERICAS and subsequently exploited.

DENMARK grew rich on the backs of AFRICANS and in 2015 DENMARK is again active as a “neo-colonial” interventionist in LATIN AMERICA, and its true intentions in AFRICA are long-range NATO geopolitical objectives related to the control of the South Atlantic and Indian Ocean.

NICARAGUANS have the freedom and the right to oppose the canal – but DENMARK and NATO-countries have no right to intervene in NICARAGUA or anywhere in LATIN AMERICA, and its “intervention-agents” camouflaged as NGO “activists” need to be identified , exposed and should be dissuaded , in a friendly manner, from intervening.

And a suggestion: DENMARK must not oppose the INUIT demand for GREENLAND’S independence !!!

(Author: itaia muxaic de ricart. independent analyst-investigador. san juan/puerto rico. This item is freely available under fair use policy.)

Scroll down to item: “Concerning KLAUS VON MURALT” (Nicaragua)

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To: E-CHANGER(Switzerland), BETHLEHEM MISSION (Switzerland), INTER-AGIRE(Switzerland). From: Itaia Muxaic de Ricart, Independent Analyst-Investigator (Puerto Rico)

Concerning: KLAUS VON MURALT (Nicaragua)

During an investigation of foreign agents who were active in Brazil in the “protest movement” (2011-2014), I had contacted your organization earlier in 2014 concerning one of your “development agents” – a British-Swiss female, Celia Aldridge.

Now the case of KLAUS VON MURALT, who is active in Nicaragua, deserves international attention . The subject is a 33 year old Swiss male with a background as local news reporter in Switzerland , whom your organization deployed to Nicaragua in February 2014 (together with his wife who has a background as community news journalist).

The stated compensation package from your organization for the three year tour, with social contributions, amounts to between $150,000 and $ 200,000. Additional benefits furnished in Nicaragua by ATC-UNAPA or COMUNDO are not known.

The deployment category is stated as “Strategy for International Communication” The stated purpose of the 3 year deployment of KLAUS VON MURALT and his wife has been explained as: “Supporting the editorial team of ATC-UNAPA publications and assisting communication within ATC-UNAPA chapters”.

Before analyzing the apparent real mission of your “development agents” – first the question: Why would Nicaraguans in 2014 need the assistance of two Swiss junior local reporters without professional level Spanish-literacy to publish material destined for the members of agricultural cooperatives in Nicaragua ?

And why would ATC-UNAPA need assistance of Swiss local reporters to communicate within its affiliates in Nicaragua ? Are there not enough qualified and literate Nicaraguan or Latin American journalists and communication technicians ?

Before analyzing the REAL MISSION of KLAUS VON MURALT in Nicaragua, let’s get real: Your group of NGOs are fronts for geopolitical operations in Latin America and Africa? Your are hiding behind a religious cover?

The cooperation of Swiss corporations and diplomats with the Military Dictatorship in Brazil 1964-1985 has been published in the international media. As for the Swiss ethics: U.S. Senator Carl Levin in the Swiss tax fraud hearing asked the CREDIT SUISSE representative in the U.S. Romeo Cerruti: “Where do you want to go to jail?

Here in the U.S. or in Switzerland ?” (In the U.S. for tax fraud, in the Switzerland for revealing tax fraud information to foreign governments).

The governments in Latin America need to take a look at your “development helpers”: Most seem oddly out-of-place “theologians”, “sociologists”, “psychologists”. The one nurse in Brazil has been strategically deployed among the Yanomami where agencies of the U.S., Britain and Germany manipulate for separatism and the rationale for “humanitarian intervention by the international community” .

KLAUS VON MURALT has already revealed his real mission: International propaganda against the national project of Nicaragua for an interoceanic canal and against the police and the government of Nicaragua.

For that purpose KLAUS VON MURALT already connected with the “false flag” (false Left) operation from Germany that infiltrates Latin American extreme-left and anarchist groups as well as radical environmental and separatist movements and manipulates them to obstruct national projects, break national cohesion and destabilize the center-left and left governments.

In other Latin American nations the German “false Left” infiltrates the social movements to entice them into clashes with the authorities who then have the pretext to call for “security assistance from the U.S. and NATO.

A sample of KLAUS VON MURALT international propaganda against the government of Nicaragua as appeared published for readers in Germany-Austria-Switzerland : Title “Protest against construction of canal in Nicaragua”: Muralt claims that the National Police tried to stop people from travelling to the protests. Muralt lists the two media groups that announced the call for the protest.

Muralt writes that the protest was also against the leadership of the government. Muralt reports slogans “For our health and the planet: No canal!” “Nicaragua belongs to us!” “We defend Nicaragua!” And KLAUS VON MURALT mentions that he also had personal contact during the event with an the agent of the “false flag” German Left ” in Nicaragua.

Conclusion: E-CHANGER and KLAUS MURALT merit listing in the international watch list. The individuals controlling those NGOs and the sources of their financing also deserve to be known by the internationally .


By Itaia Muxaic <itaiamuxaic@aol.com>



This article has been written in English because it will be circulated worldwide. This item is freely available under fair use policy.




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