Weapon Dealers Won Gaza War: Israeli Coffers Got a Fresh Supply of Blood-stained Funds

One of them which were with Jesus stretched out his hand, and drew his sword, and struck a servant of the high priest’s, and smote off his ear. Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.Matthew 26:51-52

Data published by the premium section of Haaretz on August 12, 2014, shows that Israel profited financially from its brutal attack on Gaza. While accusing Europe of anti-Semitism, Israeli coffers in Zurich got a fresh supply of blood-stained funds.

Anti-Semitic Europe

In recent months, I got a remarkable amount of emails commenting on European anti-Semitism. Some of them may had been influenced by the even more remarkable number of articles in Hebrew media condemning the raise of anti-Semitism in that part of Western Asia.


Gomed, first version of the Tamuz missile
Rivers of Babylon

One of the emails came from John, in the Netherlands. He informed me on Dutch soccer, a topic in which I am outright ignorant. His email commented on slogans shouted during soccer matches of the Ajax Club of Amsterdam, nicknamed “the Jews” due to its large share of Jewish players. A slogan which became popular during the Israeli attack on Gaza was “Hamas, Hamas, Hamas! … de Joden aan het gas!” (Hamas, Hamas, Hamas! … The Jews to the gas!).

Americans and Europeans may be shocked. Israelis laugh, speaking to each other in the Holy Land they utter vastly more offensive insults. Growing up in a Jordan Valley Kibbutz, I was told more than thrice by Jews: “it is a pity that the Nazis did not make soap from you.” (Later it was proven that the infamous soap bars did not contain human DNA. The story was a fabrication of the historians who won the war.) This trash-talk is common in Israel, one cannot complain about such abuses. Who is the anti-Semite?

I was unlike to help the Israeli propaganda machine by commenting on the issue (I do not refer to John, who is a good friend), but things changed sharply.

German newspaper Bild has over twelve million daily readers. On August 11, it surprised many of them by publishing a praising of the Israeli soldiers killed during Operation Strong Cliff.* Thousands of killed and maimed Palestinians were not mentioned. Destroyed Palestinian homes, streets, villages, and cities were not mentioned.

“64 Israeli soldiers have died. 64 sons, friends, husbands, who will not return to their families. They fell in the Gaza Strip while fighting Hamas on behalf of their homeland,” Bild said before providing sympathetic profiles of who in any decent society would be described as war-criminals.

Below is one of the offensive pages.

Bild's offensive article

Bild’s offensive article

Tamuz-buyers are not anti-Semitic

The full extent of the hypocrisy became clear the following day, when the premium section of Haaretz published an ecstatic review on the financial profits created by Israeli attacks since 2002.

Defensive Shield was an attack on the West Bank in 2002 (which sent me to exile), the Second Lebanon War took place in 2006, and Operation Cast Lead violated Gaza in 2008-09, like Pillar of Cloud did in 2012. All of them created huge profits at the cost of human misery. The newspaper is expecting even greater profits from the ongoing attack on Gaza. Dancing on blood, the unofficial Voice of the Shin Beth secret police stated:

“The numbers show that, after the initial period of criticism against Israel after the various operations quiet down, sales pick up. And there has been continuous growth in defense exports in recent years. In 2002, such exports were worth $2 billion, grew to $3.4 billion in 2006, and were $6 billion in 2012. In 2013, the three largest defense contractors all showed increases in sales: Elbit had annual revenues of $3 billion; IAI $2.65 billion; and Rafael $2 billion. At 15%, Rafael’s sales showed the highest growth rate.”

This is just the tip of the volcano. Over one thousand companies are registered with the Defense Ministry as arms suppliers. Many of them are very secret, hidden in technological incubators placed near large companies known to the public; data on them is not available. Companies developing tactical aerial vehicles and exo-skeletons for commandos seldom publicize their products.

Anti-Semitism is not contagious. One can shake the hands of anti-Semites safely as long as they buy weapons. The same source added: “The ministry refuses to reveal the overall figures on Israeli arms exports, but some of the data was revealed last year after a human-rights activist filed a suit here. It transpired that $3.83 billion-worth of deals were signed in 2012 with Asian countries; $1.73 billion with European nations; $1.1 billion with Canada and the United States; $604 million with Latin America; and $107 million in Africa.”


Zelda version of the American M113

One month after the destruction of Gaza started, four military systems have created profits or are in the way of achieving that.

Tamuz is an anti-tank missile produced by RAFAEL. Its early version, the Gomed, is shown in the top image of this page. It is active since the 1980’s. With a range of up to 25km and a video camera at its tip, it became the star of the attack. The ongoing disclosure of hit images is intended to create sales; Israel has put it on the shelf.

Tamuz Hit

Tamuz Hit
Rivers of Babylon

Anti-Missile Iron Dome is produced by IAI. Two weeks after the start of the attack, the company issued bonds in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, and raised almost half a billion shekels at an attractive interest rate of 0.95% over the Bank of Israel level.

The same company produces the Heron unmanned aerial vehicle, which is enjoying international orders.

The fourth system is defensive. Windbreaker (also known as Trophy) is a defensive anti-missiles system placed on tanks. The idea is simple; many missiles work with a hollow-head design which demands an exact distance of impact.+ Creating distance between the vehicle outer wall and the place of impact by placing a dummy-wall solves the problem.

At an advertised cost of $300,000 per protected tank, this is nothing but a good example of Isra-bluff.$


Rivers of Babylon

In the 1990s, in the First Intifada, IMI created the Zelda, an upgraded version of the old American M113 armored personnel carrier, a survivor from the Vietnam War. The Israeli upgraded vehicle provided defense while still running as fast as a cheetah (“bardelas” is the IDF code name for M113, it means “cheetah”).

Well, almost so. The greatest Zionist achievement of all times was discontinued because it could not move due to its weight. Zelda was not graceful as a cheetah. The cheetah was nothing but a cheap cheat.

IAI took IMI’s idea and adapted it to tanks which got premium pictures in all mainstream international media, hinting to the anti-Semites that for the correct price their hands will be shaken and kissed by Zion.


Mr. Roi Tov is one of the frequent contributors for The 4th Media.



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