We Don't Need Evidence Russian Aircraft Violated Turkish Airspace -US State Dept

Lord Haw-Haw – John Kirby, State Department Spokesperson.
U.S. Department of State – Daily Briefing: Feb.01.2016

Kirby: Turkish airspace? No proof, no doubt at all. 01 Feb 2016

After an alleged Russian Su-34 fighter incursion into the Turkish airspace, the country’s military command has declared an ‘orange alert’ meaning that Turkish military pilots can open fire on airspace’ violators on their own discretion.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry claimed that Russian Su-34 bomber, despite a multiple warnings in Turkish and Russian languages, strayed into the country’s airspace for 5 seconds on January 30.

“29 January 2016 at 11.46 hours local time, a SU-34 type Russian aircraft violated Turkish airspace. Before the violation actually took place, Russian plane was warned numerous times by Turkish air radar units both in English and Russian languages,” stated in a press release.

“There were no violations of Turkish airspace by aircraft of the Russian air group in the Syrian Arab Republic. Turkish authorities’ statements of an alleged violation of Turkish airspace by a Russian Su-34 jet are naked propaganda,” Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said.

Meantime, the USA has urged both sides to calm.

“We are aware of reports and can confirm that yesterday another Russian combat aircraft violated Turkish — and NATO – airspace,” Pentagon spokesman Mark Wright told RIA Novosti in a written statement Saturday. “We call on Russia to respect Turkish airspace and cease activities that risk further heightening instability in the region,” Wright’s statement goes on.

On November 24, after a Russian Su-24 bomber allegedly violated Turkish airspace for 17 seconds, Ankara’s Air Force shut down the jet with two pilots on board. The action has led to the deterioration of countries relations and a number of sanctions, imposed by Russia on Turkey.


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