Washington’s Master Plan: World Conquest, “Madness Defines US Policy”

Hitler’s master plan included removing all internal opposition. Genocide. Ethnic cleansing. 

Exterminating or enslaving inferior people. Considered non-Ayrans subhumans (Untermenschen).

Sought Lebensraum (living space). Aryanizing Europe and beyond. Establishing New Order dominance over conquered lands.

Run by convenient stooges. Making Germany the preeminent world power. Master race rulers.

Washington’s master plan is similar. Tyranny masquerading as democracy. Governing extrajudicially.

State terror as official policy. Naked aggression its main expression. Globalized war.

One party rule. Republicans no different from Democrats on issues mattering most.

Controlled by monied interests. Bankers topping the pecking order. Police state apparatus control. Waging war on freedom. Institutionalizing repression.

Big Brother watching everyone. Tolerating no internal opposition. Eliminating it entirely. Forcefully.

Running the world’s largest gulag. At home and abroad. Concentration camps. Filled with political prisoners. Society’s unwanteds.

Torture as an expression of power. Instrument of control. Punishment. Coercion. Deterrence.

Using workers as serfs. Eliminating social justice entirely. Transferring wealth from ordinary people to monied interests.

Eliminating all sovereign independent governments. By political means or brute force.

Including destabilization. Overt and covert. Propaganda wars. Financial/economic ones. Hot ones. Coups. Assassinations.

Installing puppet rule. Convenient stooges. Subservient to Washington.

Powerful monied interests complicit with political and judicial officials comprise America’s master race.

Wanting unchallenged world dominance. Risking war with Russia. Madness between the worlds two most formidable nuclear powers.

Lunatics in Washington make anything possible. Perhaps likely. Diana Johnstone suggests Kaliningrad as a potential flashpoint. Formerly Konigsburg. German territory. Lost in WW II.

Russia territory now. Separate from its mainland. Between Poland and Lithuania. With around half a million people. According to Johnstone:

“The prospect of recuperating Kaliningrad/Königsberg through some manipulated incident could be a factor in the present official German anti-Russian position, which goes against German economic interests and about half of German public opinion.”

“A war to conquer Kaliningrad would be started by some contrived ‘international crisis’ to ‘respond’ to.”

Propagandized as responding to Crimea rejoining Russia. A natural reunion. Reversing a Soviet era mistake.

Near unanimously wanted by Crimeans. By free, fair and open referendum choice.

After Washington toppled Ukraine’s legitimate government. Installed fascist putschists.

Reclaiming Kaliningrad would be much different. Against the will of its people.

By US-led NATO war. Risking direct confrontation with Russia. Unwilling to tolerate loss of its sovereign territory. Nor should it.

Ukraine is a more dangerous flashpoint than Kaliningrad. With US-led NATO forces positioned in Eastern Europe for trouble.

Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and other Eastern European states operating as anti-Russian US satellites.

Subservient to imperial Washington. Sacrificing their sovereignty. Survival if Obama wages nuclear war.

Madness with no winners. Possible given America’s rage for dominance. Waging permanent wars. Without end.

Against one country after another. Russia and China the final frontier. America’s two main rivals. Targeted for regime change.




Madness. Against formidable nuclear powers. With large land masses. Militaries able to challenge America’s might.

Ukraine is a pretext. Russia the target. China later.

On December 11, House and Senate members passed identical Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014 legislation. By voice votes. Unanimously.

Authorizing lethal and non-lethal aid for Ukraine. Washington’s newest colony. Threatening more Russian sanctions.

Co-sponsor/Senator Bob Corker (R. TN) turned truth on its head saying:

“The hesitant US response to Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine threatens to escalate this conflict even further.”

“Unanimous support for our bill demonstrates a firm commitment to Ukrainian sovereignty and to making sure Putin pays for his assault on freedom and security in Europe.”

House Congressional Ukrainian Caucus co-chair Rep. Jim Gerlach (R. PA) lied.

Calling the measure “an unmistakable message to Vladimir Putin and the entire world that the United States fully supports the people of Ukraine in their desire to remain an independent, democratic nation.”

“Helping Kiev match the military and intelligence capability of the Russians, who have provided weapons and other lethal aid to separatists in Donetsk, Mariupol and other portions of eastern Ukraine.”

The legislation followed House members December 4 near declaration of war (HR 758).

“Strongly condemning the actions of the Russian Federation, under President Vladimir Putin, which has carried out a policy of aggression against neighboring countries aimed at political and economic domination.”

Followed by dozens of horrendous Big Lies. Outrageous ones. Polar opposite hard truths. Anti-Russian/pro-Ukrainian legislation further expression of Washington’s dark side.

Recklessness. Heading perhaps for war on Russia. Not because of any threat. Or Russian lawlessness.

Wanting one of America’s two main rivals marginalized, weakened, contained, isolated and controlled. Risking global war in the process.

Moscow called Thursday’s anti-Russian legislation overtly confrontational. Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich saying:

The measure “adopted by both houses of the US Congress without debate and proper voting cannot but produce deep regret by its overtly confrontational contents.”

“Once again Washington is presenting unfounded, sweeping accusations and is threatening us with new sanctions.”

“Russia will not yield to blackmail from the United States, will not sacrifice national interests, and will not allow interference into internal affairs.”

Washington refuses “to abandon outdated phobias about Russia.” Wants to “turn back time. (O)nce again level(ing) baseless accusations.”

Kiev putschists welcomed the measure. Calling it an “historic decision.” Expect Obama to sign it into law. Especially given its unanimous congressional support.

Things creep incrementally toward open conflict. On December 9, Russia downed an unspecified number of Ukrainian drones. Lawlessly overflying Crimean territory.

An unnamed Crimean military source saying:

“After recognizing the unmanned surveillance aircraft, it is intercepted on the border with the command of capturing and escort.”

“If the unmanned surveillance aircraft flies deep into our territory or approaches a military facility, then it is shot down.”

On Thursday, Obama addressed US Export Council members. Urging them to support his efforts to keep Europe in lockstep with US policy.

Playing hardball with Russia. Calling sanctions “successful…because we’ve been systematic about it and made sure there wasn’t a lot of daylight between us and the Europeans.”

Urging what he called “strategic patience.” Saying “ratchet(ing) (up sanctions) further and further and further and then ultimately Putin changes his mind, I think is a miscalculation.”

That and then some. Backfiring on European economies during economic weakness.

Days earlier, Putin addressed US-led Western policies, saying:

“As for sanctions, this is not just a nervous reaction of the United States and its allies to our stance on the developments in Ukraine and on the coup.”

“Nor was it triggered by the so-called Crimean Spring. I am sure, and I want to emphasize it, that even without all these developments, they would have invented another way to curb the growing influence of Russia.”

“The so-called sanctions and external constraints constitute an incentive for more efficient, fast achievement of our goals. We have much to do to create new technologies and competitive products.”

“We are in possession of a large domestic market and natural resources, capital and scientific basis.”

“There are talented, intelligent, hard-working people who can quickly learn new things. The main thing now is to give the citizens an opportunity to fulfill their potential.”

Separately, Kiev intends increasing its military ranks by 18,000 in 2015. By conscription. When its economy is effectively bankrupt.

All its economic indicators negative. Except military spending. According to its defense minister Stepan Poltorak:

“The number of Ukrainian military service members has increased from 130,000 last year to today’s 232,000, and plans are to increase the number of armed forces personnel to 250,000.

When it’s least able to do so financially. Intending all-out war on Donbas.

With full US support and encouragement. Perhaps at the same time US-led NATO targets Kaliningrad.

It bears repeating. Madness defines US policy. WW III may follow.




Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.  His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com.

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  1. Where is the call for the people to rise up and stop their government’s from continuing on these paths none of these writer’s tell the people to organize a strike form a union don’t load war cargo on the docks rise like lions we are many they are few. The effect is that it is as if we are powerless to do anything except to sit and complain about it the fact is we are not. The above few lines are guides to actions to bring this Mother Fudging corrupt imperialist juggernaut to a halt. Stop the assembly lines general strike. No more money for war machine. Those are a start. Use that money for the type of society you we want peace school jobs housing medical real security what we have today is a fascist nightmare barely concealed. The time to act is now people before we really are in the fema camps.

  2. Totally agree @RockyRacoon… As the system is built on economics, empirically, the only means of causing lasting change is to stop contributing! Throw away your TV sets, stop byuing ‘crap’ you dont truly absolutely ‘need’ START sharing resources, materials, tools, knowledge, etc outside the money making mind set. Very rapidly, this kind of action will have true repercussions. If only it saves those who are being eaten by the brain via CNN and such, that will have been worth evry secoind of it!

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