Warm welcome for Ice Age guest: Mammoth Lyuba off to Asia


An Asian tour with mammoth impact. A baby wooly mammoth found in Russia five years ago is set to visit Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Singapore and Taiwan.

Baby Lyuba is a rare example of the Ice Age species. Her 40,000-year-old remains were discovered whole in Russia’s Urals, exceptionally well-preserved due to the nature of the animal’s death. Just three to four months old when it died, the mammoth drowned while taking a mud bath.

Now, however, Lyuba is the guest of honor at some of the world’s top natural history museums.

Already back from the US, she is off to an international paleontological exhibition to kick off in Hong Kong on April 12, Interfax reports. After that, the mammoth will be displayed in Macao, China, before moving on to Jakarta, Indonesia, and Singapore. The tour will end in Taiwan in summer 2013.

And there’s nothing wooly about this baby’s requirements. Transporting Lyuba requires very specific conditions in order not to harm the remains, including subzero temperatures and precise humidity levels.


Russia Today

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